Wednesday, April 3, 2013


How fast that we are in the April month now, but first  belated happy Easter to all friends! Hope you celebrated the day with so much meaning, fun and happy with all the love of your life around. Summer season is here now and for some of you as well who are excited wearing your swimsuits, takes a sip for a pina colada. We just hit the season here and welcome it with a mini vacation. For those who follow me in instagram takes a glimpse of what our adventure is all about. Will try to post it too sometime. Meanwhile here are the highlights of my last month.
Always happy and thrilled to "dress "down and take my apron out once in a while.   

There's no exception how contented the feeling is when you go out complete as a family. I thank  my kids for giving time to spend more time with us most especially my teens.
It's always a feeling of a free "anti aging" regimen to be with him.  
I'm so happy and Tears  coming when son1 graduated.:) College life will be upon him  next. Looking forward to go on stage again after  four years, hopefully.
Always looking forward for Holy week and end it on Easter Sunday with a family mass and  go out elsewhere
Run errands at the University is one thing that kills out my time last month .I know I always teach my kids the value  to be on their own but mostly, this is an exception. I always love to go and support them in all their life preparation.
Happiness comes with the feeling of "me time" but to be with  good friend and laugh is an exception.
Schedule meetings is a must but there are times that an immediate call  needs to be answered  and result for an immediate  meet up. That's what  friendship are all about, right?
We are always keeping eye on Iya nowadays and I always thank my daughter Jenille for being there toting her
Most of the times comfort food always matters. 


  1. Love that your happy, doll!

    Now that it's Spring time, Simplify Your Life


    Passports & Prada

  2. You look super cute in that striped dress!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. How are you my dear! These are some great photos. I can't believe it is April already too.

  4. absolutely love that dress! congratulations to your son for his graduation, so exciting!

    xo Diana

    Dressed Up Alligators


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