Thursday, April 11, 2013

A little Relaxation

A few weeks ago my family and I got the chance to have a mini two days vacation. I just hope it could lasted for a few more days but we could not. Even though if it's about for two days and an almost four hours drive from our place, the experienced is worth it. Hubby and I got the feeling of bliss that we wanted, an unwinding time for us to relax in our daily routine. Son1 and Jenille were happy swimming until wee hours in the morning and the endless talks between their cousins makes the vacation more meaningful. Son2 and Iya on the other hand almost had their sunburn that they could not let go off the pool. I am more happy to be on the road, sight seeing of the beauty of nature while making a quick stops on a convenience stores and coffee shops than soaking myself on the pool. Well, I'm a little bit kill joy on that part he he. But to some it all, the quality time we always have while we do this once in a while out of town trip is a family memory that will be treasured again in our hearts.

It is still summer out here and hope that we could do a one more family trip before summer ends. The weather is freaking hot here now and the cool breeze of the sea is one thing that hubby and I as well as the kids longing to experience once again. So what are you up to this season? Enjoy the heat of summer friends!


  1. I could definitely use a vacation right about now! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. awww i would love a mini vacay!!

    Sandy a la Mode


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