Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hello lovelies! As the heat of summer tends me to be always present from our local coffee shop to downtime from the heat, while Iya and son2 fond of being at the water most of the time. Still thankful that we can do the things we love most doing. Then just as that, April will come to an end, right? So hows your April month so far? Happy here that I managed to comeback on regular posting nowadays, Yey! It's fun thing also that my life permits me to bring back my regular reading habit too. Though I am not yet finish visiting all sites that I follow. However, It may take a while but know that this busy mom will takes it's way to bring back the old routine. On side notes, spare me that I live now in the cave but I just found out that blogger will no longer post blog feeds. I just hope that we will continue to keep in touch through BLOGLOVIN. It's my way to keep in touch from the blogs I follow from the very start. For those first timer, you just need an email address and password to sign in, that easy! We can keep in touch there more often. You can search me through my blog name; WINDOW OF HAPPINESS. See you there!

Anyway I have some domestic news for you all. Remember my post early this year about my house move, house hunting? Hold on guys! I still don't find any home for keeps but unfortunately our current home contract expires and no chance for renewal. So now we are looking for a temporary shelter that my family and I can live in until we found a nest of our own. I just wish we can move from our existing place to our own found home but situation seems to differ, so be it. So a week or two from now will be having our new place again. Still excited on decorating a new house though. Will be posting updates. So ladies, what are you up to?

Monday, April 22, 2013

What I Wore : Style Journal

How fast is the days goes by, right friends? Now we're celebrating the spring/ summer season that most of us enjoy and waiting for. Aside from activities like swimming, malling and going to different places where the weather is always nice and sizzling hot, this is also the chance to dress up with all the sleeve less, dresses, shorts, even striking color hues that represent the summer feeling. White and Stripes, which I called my summer favorite outfit that I mostly enjoy wearing during this season.

Aside from my normal Weekend Style Inspiration post, I will now replace it once a week with my outfit segment that will enhance my styling ability which I called My Style Journal, how is that? I know this is away too late for an two years old blog but I think of enhancing my style and my love in fashion so that I could learn more and be inspired. This is also the chance for me to go out of the shelf and share my style to all most especially to domesticated moms like me. In this journey you could also share with me your passion in fashion and I'm also open to opinion and suggestions that you could share on how you become stylish! Thanks so much for reading and have a great week to all!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Motherhood: On having a Sick Child

Hi there! I have been absent for my regular post a few months ago and I think I did'nt got the chance to tell you what I've been to. As much as I am happy doing a thrice to sometimes four times a week posting, The main reason for my absence was my youngest Iya has been diagnosed having an asthma. It just happened in a snap, though I was inform by Iya's doctor before that she could be a candidate on having one as my husband had a history of asthma before when he was young.

It's very hard to see a child whizzle anytime of the day most especially at the middle of the night, and looking at her having a hard time taking her breaths. As a mother, it's very hard to see once child having difficult times most especially on health issues and you can't do nothing but to comfort and wishing that I should be the one to suffer just to spare her. Thankfully now everything seems back to normal and we able to control the attack. We struggle on her asthma about over two months time, in and out of the emergency room. Atleast now we can do a home remedy and visit her doctor once in a while.

Hope everything will be alright until she grows up and the asthma issue won't be a hindrance to anything she wants to push through with her life. Mothers day is just a week away but I think I already got what I want and my prayers had already been answered. There's no price on having a healthy child running around your home, right?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A little Relaxation

A few weeks ago my family and I got the chance to have a mini two days vacation. I just hope it could lasted for a few more days but we could not. Even though if it's about for two days and an almost four hours drive from our place, the experienced is worth it. Hubby and I got the feeling of bliss that we wanted, an unwinding time for us to relax in our daily routine. Son1 and Jenille were happy swimming until wee hours in the morning and the endless talks between their cousins makes the vacation more meaningful. Son2 and Iya on the other hand almost had their sunburn that they could not let go off the pool. I am more happy to be on the road, sight seeing of the beauty of nature while making a quick stops on a convenience stores and coffee shops than soaking myself on the pool. Well, I'm a little bit kill joy on that part he he. But to some it all, the quality time we always have while we do this once in a while out of town trip is a family memory that will be treasured again in our hearts.

It is still summer out here and hope that we could do a one more family trip before summer ends. The weather is freaking hot here now and the cool breeze of the sea is one thing that hubby and I as well as the kids longing to experience once again. So what are you up to this season? Enjoy the heat of summer friends!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


How fast that we are in the April month now, but first  belated happy Easter to all friends! Hope you celebrated the day with so much meaning, fun and happy with all the love of your life around. Summer season is here now and for some of you as well who are excited wearing your swimsuits, takes a sip for a pina colada. We just hit the season here and welcome it with a mini vacation. For those who follow me in instagram takes a glimpse of what our adventure is all about. Will try to post it too sometime. Meanwhile here are the highlights of my last month.
Always happy and thrilled to "dress "down and take my apron out once in a while.   

There's no exception how contented the feeling is when you go out complete as a family. I thank  my kids for giving time to spend more time with us most especially my teens.
It's always a feeling of a free "anti aging" regimen to be with him.  
I'm so happy and Tears  coming when son1 graduated.:) College life will be upon him  next. Looking forward to go on stage again after  four years, hopefully.
Always looking forward for Holy week and end it on Easter Sunday with a family mass and  go out elsewhere
Run errands at the University is one thing that kills out my time last month .I know I always teach my kids the value  to be on their own but mostly, this is an exception. I always love to go and support them in all their life preparation.
Happiness comes with the feeling of "me time" but to be with  good friend and laugh is an exception.
Schedule meetings is a must but there are times that an immediate call  needs to be answered  and result for an immediate  meet up. That's what  friendship are all about, right?
We are always keeping eye on Iya nowadays and I always thank my daughter Jenille for being there toting her
Most of the times comfort food always matters. 
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