Monday, March 25, 2013

Wink of An Eye

Family, shopping, travels, vacation, a day or night out with a family or friend(s) over a sumptuous food, a day in social network. Sometimes or merely, most of the times we felt that it's the usual daily routine. You get inspired, tired and sometimes get bored and the least, you complain.

But what if all of them is gone, in a flash, in a wink of an eye? Will a day of blessing be given importance now? Sometimes one needs to pat at the back to know the value of living each day in a comfortable life. Don't you think so? It's so hard that life will be different in a snap like that, right? So be it in all the news that one nation suffers, so how will one knows the feeling of suffering  if you don't even know the feeling to be deprive? That for most each day is a click away and everything that you want will just be delivered at your doorstep. Compassion will be one good reason to show that you understand the situation but it's just that? Do really one knows the things called hardship of life? Living in a comfortable life is not as hard as living each day like a battle of life.


Every thoughts just came across my mind. Maybe because of the different situations of life I have heard and see over a period of months then open my eyes to a different and real world of life. A deeper meaning of what life is all about. Lenten season is coming, I know it should not be this time alone of the year that one would reflect on things that matters and know that each day is a blessing and every moment needs to be thank for. For most Catholic, this is the perfect time. For most life is too fast to handle, to appreciate the smallest things that need to be appreciated. In every things and hardship that one stumble upon and one person lavishly have the things that she wanted in life. One should always think that each day is a GIFT OF LIFE and we are all bless in our daily routine.

Pardon my post for being different aside from the usual. I only think that this article needed one. It's also one good reason for me to appreciate my day to day life. That if I suffer there's no need to complain, because there's still one who suffer most than I am. Thanks so much if you read this far. Have a meaningful Lenten week to all and a great Easter Sunday ahead.


  1. i love this!! and i totally agree it's so hard when you go through the day to day life motions to really think about and appreciate all that we have in life!!! i tend to grumble about the slightest things when they don't go smoothly even if they aren't that big of a deal.. i need to sit back and really appreciate how blessed we are in life!!!

  2. It's important that we don't forget the good things in our lives, no matter how little they are. Thanks for the reminder! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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