Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Style Inspiration : The Boy in Me

Oh hello there everyone! It's nice to be infront of the computer typing and doing some sort of related fashion (?) post of myself as my style inspiration segment! nay! Actually these post is one thing I can capable of doing, the one I can say I'm confident about because I usually do these in a day to day basis. As I love seeing fashion outfit and bags, I'm also attach to action movies. And yes! there's a boy in me who loves to feel the adrenaline rush. How many times I had watched Tom Cruise mission impossible 2 and Nicholas Cage Bangkok Dangerous just because of the motorcycle scenes, then telling to myself how I love to drive those kind huh!! Then I say to myself come on gurl get up on your dreams, as if your husband will let you drive a big bike haha! But hey even though it's not what you call that is, I'm happy that I can still feel and experience the adrenaline rush in driving my scooter...that's the thing i love most doing!

A picture of me a few years back and the big bike is on a center stand mode. :)

Eyeing these Danier Jacket, cool. Photo from pinterest

My shoe gear and looking forward to have a biker boots too.:)

So I'm curious to know what's the boy inside of you that you can share? Have a great Sunday to all!

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