Monday, February 25, 2013


Hello! Thanks for all your greetings in my wedding anniversary post. As you've noticed I have been away for cyber world for a while. Life is a struggle recently but thank goodness that we are still in the right track. I consider each day of our life as a blessing. Sometimes you need to be at the bottom to appreciate the simplest things in life. I am so thankful to have the chance to be out with friends and laugh, to know that my family is always there and have a husband who's ( now ) at my side to comfort me at the time I needed it most. Hope to come back on writing as often as before. Thanks for all the inspirational post and admiring stories that I read each time I visit your blog, a therapeutic time for me along side of the road. 

Iya at 3 and  had so many changes that makes me laugh, teary eyed and sometimes makes me insane on some of her doing. The word "kikay" really suits her well. 
Having more time to bond after a couple of months absence. Life is complete and easier to handle when hubby is around. It is  true that absence makes your heart and mind ponder. 
A Sunday filled with love and laugh from a friend and our daughters
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