Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy new year friends! While we're already on 2013, I tried to look back on the things that happened in my life last year. So emotional to see all our photos looking back and brings me the memories while doing such. I'm so thankful to know that as my child grows older i'm on their side to witness all the things that happening in their lives, this is the life I wanted to have looking back before when I settle down, and I consider it alone as a precious gift. So happy to have great and supporting husband who always there by my side and give his best the life that he wanted for his family. I love him dearly for many good reasons and i love him even on his flaws. 

2012 may not be the great year for us, no fancy things bought but I'm thankful that we manage to survive for many good reasons and appreciate each other even more. So thankful to have supportive family and great friends who always there by my side in good times and in bad, and that what matters to me. Looking forward for a great 2013 ahead of us!


                                                                    HAPPY NEW  YEAR TO ALL!

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