Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In Good times and in Bad

Hi to all! Hope all of you started the week right. Pardon me if I'm posting too much celebration this past few weeks or months. It just happens that our celebration are all in December and January. Like today I'm emotional as it marks our 20th anniversary of my husband together. Looks like it's just yesterday, our marriage has ups and downs like most marriages do but I'm thankful that we stood in each others side all through the years. In all levels of relationship that we have been through, I could only say that we are lucky that we are like friends to each other, it helps and strengthens what trials laid on us. There are times that romance faded but companionship and friendship are still there that always bind us  together. RESPECT , LOVE  and TRUST. I'm so blessed that in span of twenty years I able to understand the many  difference meaning of that. 


To my husband, I'm looking forward for  great years of memories to be made with you. The memories that we will look back one day and reminisce what life has made us through. Laughing, smiling and maybe we will become emotional like I'm crying and you're teary eyed in one corner of our home having our coffee together. To grow old with you is one great thing that I love to do most. I'm very thankful that we are still here for each other no matter what and may we strive our best to fight what hardship of life may lead us through. i love you dearly, happy anniversary!


Oh my going all through these photos makes me fall in love again one more time.:) May all of you feel the power of love everyday of your life. Have a great day lovelies!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Motherhood : and you turn 3

My dearest Iya, 

Looks like it's just yesterday when I knew I'm expecting, and now it's your third birthday! I always tells how time fly so fast, and  I'm so happy to see your transformation and your day to day life with us. You bring so much joy and happiness and we are blessed to have you in our life. Having this blog is like a journal which I can see our life transformation, as well as  how you  and your siblings grow up looking back from page to page.  

As you turn 3 you have so many new things done. The stubborn face movements that I can't hold on to be strict when your giving  your sweetest gestures. Your day and night whisper on how you love us and your sweet acts of saying goodnight to us. On how you invade our house with your things that only reminds me that I have little in our home. I know some of the kids your age are not impose to be a fan of an artist, but as what your sister influence you, I see on you how you're fascinated as you see Lee Min Ho's photo's and through that, I'm one mama who let you see him in person together with your sister. I would never forget the biggest smile or maybe I could say biggest grin that I saw in your cute little face. Your happiness in seeing him doubles when we go to the mall. The photo of you below is one great example of it. One day you yourself will able to read this post and I just want you to know that you're one of the greatest blessings from above. I wish for your good health, stay as darling as you are and may you live a normal and happy life with your feet on the ground. I love you so much baby! 

  All my love,

On the side note can I have your support to vote for me on  CIRCLE OF MOMS Top 25 Fashion and Beauty moms - 2013. You can also find the link at the  right side  bar of this page. A big thanks!

*I draft this a  couple of weeks ago and just posted it  now. Her birthday happens on the 3rd week of December* 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Beauty : Mac Cosmetics

dress : forever 21 

Happy Friday lovelies! What are you up to this weekend? Maybe this is also the time when you enjoy most of your presents from the holiday, right? Now I'm head over heels ( lol ) inspired that I able to replenished some of my cosmetics which I'm fond of  using for years now. This what I call "my gift to self" last Christmas, do you also do the same? rewarding yourself whenever there's an occasion? I find this a good reason  for  shopping sometimes. lol. Anyway this two items have been my kit companion for quite a while and did'nt turn me down each time I used them. 

Mac Cosmetics blot powder. If you have combination to oily skin type like me you will never go wrong with this  blot powder.  A perfect way to touch up when you're out.

Mac Pink Nouveau Lipstick - If you're looking for a medium tone pink color for your pout I perfectly recommend this one. This became a favorite color of mine aside from using Nars Schiap lipstick.

Two items that I want add this year on my kit/make up bag

Mac Candy Yum Yum - A bright neon pink , the color I wanted similar to what  Schiap caters.
Mac Snob - A light neutral pink, the day when you want to make a statement pout but don't want to go bare. A perfect nude pink.
the one at the center is the mac pink nouveau ( the one i have ) a bright pink but medium pink color compare of them all.

So gurls are you into pink pout like me? What's your favorite lip color and what brand are you most rely into?

Oh by the way I'm nominated  for The Top 25 Fashion & Beauty Moms 2013! You can click the link below  to vote. Click  for "Window of Happiness"  to vote for me! Voting will run until January 23rd you can vote once a day. Thanks in advance!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello, how's your 2013 so far? For us we celebrate new year's eve with the usual tradition that I/we did for years now. Cook, eat, drink and listen to good music while waiting for the fireworks at midnight. Having a blast with all kinds of fireworks is a culture among  filipino families, though I myself just want to watch in one corner of our house. Celebrating new year's eve without fireworks will be different, i think.

On the day itself our family usually go elsewhere road tripping and enjoying the first day of the year, but this time around we just stay home and do movie marathon while eating our left over food. This is the first time that hubby is not around to celebrate the Holiday with us so celebration is not the same. Hopefully by next year  we will be together as a whole but if duty calls, we can't do nothing. Thankfully technology is better nowadays. Some of you already back to work now with all the holiday hang over. For me back to the real world too! Still have three more days left before the kids go back to school and that means vacation is really over. Me and my sweetie will hang around more, just the two of us again. Till next time.:) 


Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy new year friends! While we're already on 2013, I tried to look back on the things that happened in my life last year. So emotional to see all our photos looking back and brings me the memories while doing such. I'm so thankful to know that as my child grows older i'm on their side to witness all the things that happening in their lives, this is the life I wanted to have looking back before when I settle down, and I consider it alone as a precious gift. So happy to have great and supporting husband who always there by my side and give his best the life that he wanted for his family. I love him dearly for many good reasons and i love him even on his flaws. 

2012 may not be the great year for us, no fancy things bought but I'm thankful that we manage to survive for many good reasons and appreciate each other even more. So thankful to have supportive family and great friends who always there by my side in good times and in bad, and that what matters to me. Looking forward for a great 2013 ahead of us!


                                                                    HAPPY NEW  YEAR TO ALL!
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