Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weekend Report

Hello! How everybody's weekend? Well the typhoon is up here in our place early this week with signal number two and classes has been suspended early, glad that my kids are all got home safely.
Anyway I noticed that my site has been like this forever. it's been stuck for this lay out for sometime and hopefully i would have TIME to update things up.

Anyway, there's nothing special about our weekend, just a simple family get together. But i am thankful of it rather than the previous month  that we are all panic about Iya's health. Sometimes routine can be boring but when things seems to go wrong you will be thankful for the old routine back into your lives.



Jenille have a photo shoot last week as part of her project. When she told me to look at her photos a bittersweet feeling pinch me. My firstborn child is not a baby anymore. how time flies, a few more years and she will have a path of her own. But for me she will be forever be my baby and mom will be forever here at her side whenever there will be a time she will need me most.

My youngest Iya finally had her first haircut at 3 1/2 years old! She don't want to cut her hair and needed to convinced first a few days before the schedule time. But in the end sitting at the Salon excites her on how she looks like with short hair. I ask the stylist to cut it shoulder length and she's happy with the way it came out.

After Iya, I also took the chance to have my nails done at the Salon. It's very rare for me to have somebody to clean and put my polish on. It's only done maybe twice or thrice a year to help get over the dead skin and have a foot spa while someone doing it for you. I wanted to do it on my own at home, you can read here the reason why. However there are times when you feel tired and want to relax and have somebody to do it for you get the feeling of lux and relieves anxiety, will turn your tension into a bliss, well that's the time I needed one.Simple yet rewarding.

It's rainy and "storm" season here now, so a hot coffee is the time you appreciate it most likely. Hubby have done flavoring his coffee and put one shot of baileys on his mug. he always tease me to try it but i wanted mine the old fashion way.

Do you wanted your cup of coffee in different way? what's your favorite? Just curious to know.:)

 Have a great week ahead of you all lovelies!

Friday, August 9, 2013


Hi! How's your weekdays so far? My kids and i are looking forward for the long weekend this week. i know Jenille and son1 are tired with their everyday trip going to the school. So a long weekend is a big help for them to rest and to do things that they want. As of me and iya, we're both fine now, Iya is recovering from her asthma and gladly i'm back with my usual routine and got a goodnight sleep. That sounds good, right? Hubby and I so with the rest of the family are very happy about iya's progress. You can follow more about our day to day life on instagram if you like.

Anyway last night, while i look back at our last month photos and just before before Iya got sick we able to go out and explore the newly opened mall here in Manila. I'm so glad that it's not far away from our place. how i love that the mall caters all the skincare brands that I wanted. Bittersweet that not almost all are open so maybe next month or before my birthday ( this month! ) we'll be able to go back again. Fashion wise, they cater so much beautiful apparel that most of you knows and glad to say that they are all open. However i'm more than excited to go inside the store of Stuart Weitzman which is close yet when the time we visit. I love to try and take a look on their shoes that i normally see on sites. On the other note, as coffee lover that i am, i also look forward for the opening of Paul and wanted to try their coffee and pastries. Is it obvious that we visit early that most stores are not open yet? But anyhow it did'nt frustrate me at all. Going to a place you love is something to look forward. always. right beauties? Going to the mall is one activity that i will always enjoy doing.

After that we take Iya to a place where she can enjoy most so with son2. It's a great day that my family and i enjoyed.

I know lots of you enjoy shopping, but are you more on online shopping or do you also enjoy going to the store personally?


Monday, August 5, 2013

Motherhood: On Health Issue

It is August now and love to look forward what this month would bring. Last month had been a test of courage as a mom for me and for the rest of the family as well. It's very hard to see your child suffer, a lot. I'm talking about Iya's health here. After the last attack four months ago, the pediatrician told me that it still can't be categorize that Iya is asthmatic and only gave her a home medication after a sessions of nebo. I was also given a prescribe medication letter to be given to the ER in case there's a future attack. So everything is said and done until nearly last week of July...

I fear Iya's breathing for she almost can't breath. The passage of air might be too small that she hold her breath like it will gonna be her last. i cried. a lot. Wishing and praying that if only i will be the one to suffer and not her. ( i know mostly moms wish and feel the same way ). After a week of full home medication, an extreme cough even on a wee hours of the morning, a six hour interval nebo sessions, a lookout on everything she eats so that the severe cough won't trigger. She is now categorized as asthmatic. Mostly her favorite food now is set aside on her diet. Chocolates, chicken, fish, nuts, mayonnaise egg, hotdog.

Aside from the asthma her food allergy intake makes her skin allergy worsen that makes her eyes to swell. Glad to know more facts on the do's and don'ts so both won't trigger. for now Iya is still on the recovery stage. she lost weight but hopefully it will bring back easily soon. For everything what's going, i like to think that I'm blessed that i'm the one who took care of her in the times she needed me most. For now the family makes it a point to look everything normal for her, and explain the situation so that she could easily understand.

Sorry to make it long and thank you if you still with me. As a mother i feel terrified and your notes and concerns will matter most. Have a great week ahead.

<3 br=""> Angie

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hello Everyone!Finally I have the time now to update my blog. I feel a little bit bad that it took me three months to write again but life is so busy these days and I felt lucky that I got the chance to write now with all the schedules that I have lately. 

First and foremost we already moved!  yes, at last! I may not be the organize mom that mostly I know but thank goodness that all in our house now is settled. There's still some minor fixing to do but everything is in moderation. It took me time to set all things, you know as mom of four and with all this and that on the side. I can breath now actually and I want to take the opportunity to thank my elder kids on helping me so with hubby whenever he's around. 

We moved on the same subdivision that we used to lived by. We don't transfer from other city as I love the community we have here, where almost everything is easily reach. I used to look for other apartment units on other locations but holy moly I can't even think of affording the price! So hubby and I decided to stay within our previous vicinity and just wait for the right time where we can decide to move on our own home. However with two current college students, I know it will not be anytime soon.:)


Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hello lovelies! As the heat of summer tends me to be always present from our local coffee shop to downtime from the heat, while Iya and son2 fond of being at the water most of the time. Still thankful that we can do the things we love most doing. Then just as that, April will come to an end, right? So hows your April month so far? Happy here that I managed to comeback on regular posting nowadays, Yey! It's fun thing also that my life permits me to bring back my regular reading habit too. Though I am not yet finish visiting all sites that I follow. However, It may take a while but know that this busy mom will takes it's way to bring back the old routine. On side notes, spare me that I live now in the cave but I just found out that blogger will no longer post blog feeds. I just hope that we will continue to keep in touch through BLOGLOVIN. It's my way to keep in touch from the blogs I follow from the very start. For those first timer, you just need an email address and password to sign in, that easy! We can keep in touch there more often. You can search me through my blog name; WINDOW OF HAPPINESS. See you there!

Anyway I have some domestic news for you all. Remember my post early this year about my house move, house hunting? Hold on guys! I still don't find any home for keeps but unfortunately our current home contract expires and no chance for renewal. So now we are looking for a temporary shelter that my family and I can live in until we found a nest of our own. I just wish we can move from our existing place to our own found home but situation seems to differ, so be it. So a week or two from now will be having our new place again. Still excited on decorating a new house though. Will be posting updates. So ladies, what are you up to?

Monday, April 22, 2013

What I Wore : Style Journal

How fast is the days goes by, right friends? Now we're celebrating the spring/ summer season that most of us enjoy and waiting for. Aside from activities like swimming, malling and going to different places where the weather is always nice and sizzling hot, this is also the chance to dress up with all the sleeve less, dresses, shorts, even striking color hues that represent the summer feeling. White and Stripes, which I called my summer favorite outfit that I mostly enjoy wearing during this season.

Aside from my normal Weekend Style Inspiration post, I will now replace it once a week with my outfit segment that will enhance my styling ability which I called My Style Journal, how is that? I know this is away too late for an two years old blog but I think of enhancing my style and my love in fashion so that I could learn more and be inspired. This is also the chance for me to go out of the shelf and share my style to all most especially to domesticated moms like me. In this journey you could also share with me your passion in fashion and I'm also open to opinion and suggestions that you could share on how you become stylish! Thanks so much for reading and have a great week to all!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Motherhood: On having a Sick Child

Hi there! I have been absent for my regular post a few months ago and I think I did'nt got the chance to tell you what I've been to. As much as I am happy doing a thrice to sometimes four times a week posting, The main reason for my absence was my youngest Iya has been diagnosed having an asthma. It just happened in a snap, though I was inform by Iya's doctor before that she could be a candidate on having one as my husband had a history of asthma before when he was young.

It's very hard to see a child whizzle anytime of the day most especially at the middle of the night, and looking at her having a hard time taking her breaths. As a mother, it's very hard to see once child having difficult times most especially on health issues and you can't do nothing but to comfort and wishing that I should be the one to suffer just to spare her. Thankfully now everything seems back to normal and we able to control the attack. We struggle on her asthma about over two months time, in and out of the emergency room. Atleast now we can do a home remedy and visit her doctor once in a while.

Hope everything will be alright until she grows up and the asthma issue won't be a hindrance to anything she wants to push through with her life. Mothers day is just a week away but I think I already got what I want and my prayers had already been answered. There's no price on having a healthy child running around your home, right?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A little Relaxation

A few weeks ago my family and I got the chance to have a mini two days vacation. I just hope it could lasted for a few more days but we could not. Even though if it's about for two days and an almost four hours drive from our place, the experienced is worth it. Hubby and I got the feeling of bliss that we wanted, an unwinding time for us to relax in our daily routine. Son1 and Jenille were happy swimming until wee hours in the morning and the endless talks between their cousins makes the vacation more meaningful. Son2 and Iya on the other hand almost had their sunburn that they could not let go off the pool. I am more happy to be on the road, sight seeing of the beauty of nature while making a quick stops on a convenience stores and coffee shops than soaking myself on the pool. Well, I'm a little bit kill joy on that part he he. But to some it all, the quality time we always have while we do this once in a while out of town trip is a family memory that will be treasured again in our hearts.

It is still summer out here and hope that we could do a one more family trip before summer ends. The weather is freaking hot here now and the cool breeze of the sea is one thing that hubby and I as well as the kids longing to experience once again. So what are you up to this season? Enjoy the heat of summer friends!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


How fast that we are in the April month now, but first  belated happy Easter to all friends! Hope you celebrated the day with so much meaning, fun and happy with all the love of your life around. Summer season is here now and for some of you as well who are excited wearing your swimsuits, takes a sip for a pina colada. We just hit the season here and welcome it with a mini vacation. For those who follow me in instagram takes a glimpse of what our adventure is all about. Will try to post it too sometime. Meanwhile here are the highlights of my last month.
Always happy and thrilled to "dress "down and take my apron out once in a while.   

There's no exception how contented the feeling is when you go out complete as a family. I thank  my kids for giving time to spend more time with us most especially my teens.
It's always a feeling of a free "anti aging" regimen to be with him.  
I'm so happy and Tears  coming when son1 graduated.:) College life will be upon him  next. Looking forward to go on stage again after  four years, hopefully.
Always looking forward for Holy week and end it on Easter Sunday with a family mass and  go out elsewhere
Run errands at the University is one thing that kills out my time last month .I know I always teach my kids the value  to be on their own but mostly, this is an exception. I always love to go and support them in all their life preparation.
Happiness comes with the feeling of "me time" but to be with  good friend and laugh is an exception.
Schedule meetings is a must but there are times that an immediate call  needs to be answered  and result for an immediate  meet up. That's what  friendship are all about, right?
We are always keeping eye on Iya nowadays and I always thank my daughter Jenille for being there toting her
Most of the times comfort food always matters. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Wink of An Eye

Family, shopping, travels, vacation, a day or night out with a family or friend(s) over a sumptuous food, a day in social network. Sometimes or merely, most of the times we felt that it's the usual daily routine. You get inspired, tired and sometimes get bored and the least, you complain.

But what if all of them is gone, in a flash, in a wink of an eye? Will a day of blessing be given importance now? Sometimes one needs to pat at the back to know the value of living each day in a comfortable life. Don't you think so? It's so hard that life will be different in a snap like that, right? So be it in all the news that one nation suffers, so how will one knows the feeling of suffering  if you don't even know the feeling to be deprive? That for most each day is a click away and everything that you want will just be delivered at your doorstep. Compassion will be one good reason to show that you understand the situation but it's just that? Do really one knows the things called hardship of life? Living in a comfortable life is not as hard as living each day like a battle of life.


Every thoughts just came across my mind. Maybe because of the different situations of life I have heard and see over a period of months then open my eyes to a different and real world of life. A deeper meaning of what life is all about. Lenten season is coming, I know it should not be this time alone of the year that one would reflect on things that matters and know that each day is a blessing and every moment needs to be thank for. For most Catholic, this is the perfect time. For most life is too fast to handle, to appreciate the smallest things that need to be appreciated. In every things and hardship that one stumble upon and one person lavishly have the things that she wanted in life. One should always think that each day is a GIFT OF LIFE and we are all bless in our daily routine.

Pardon my post for being different aside from the usual. I only think that this article needed one. It's also one good reason for me to appreciate my day to day life. That if I suffer there's no need to complain, because there's still one who suffer most than I am. Thanks so much if you read this far. Have a meaningful Lenten week to all and a great Easter Sunday ahead.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Style Inspiration : The Boy in Me

Oh hello there everyone! It's nice to be infront of the computer typing and doing some sort of related fashion (?) post of myself as my style inspiration segment! nay! Actually these post is one thing I can capable of doing, the one I can say I'm confident about because I usually do these in a day to day basis. As I love seeing fashion outfit and bags, I'm also attach to action movies. And yes! there's a boy in me who loves to feel the adrenaline rush. How many times I had watched Tom Cruise mission impossible 2 and Nicholas Cage Bangkok Dangerous just because of the motorcycle scenes, then telling to myself how I love to drive those kind huh!! Then I say to myself come on gurl get up on your dreams, as if your husband will let you drive a big bike haha! But hey even though it's not what you call that is, I'm happy that I can still feel and experience the adrenaline rush in driving my scooter...that's the thing i love most doing!

A picture of me a few years back and the big bike is on a center stand mode. :)

Eyeing these Danier Jacket, cool. Photo from pinterest

My shoe gear and looking forward to have a biker boots too.:)

So I'm curious to know what's the boy inside of you that you can share? Have a great Sunday to all!

Monday, February 25, 2013


Hello! Thanks for all your greetings in my wedding anniversary post. As you've noticed I have been away for cyber world for a while. Life is a struggle recently but thank goodness that we are still in the right track. I consider each day of our life as a blessing. Sometimes you need to be at the bottom to appreciate the simplest things in life. I am so thankful to have the chance to be out with friends and laugh, to know that my family is always there and have a husband who's ( now ) at my side to comfort me at the time I needed it most. Hope to come back on writing as often as before. Thanks for all the inspirational post and admiring stories that I read each time I visit your blog, a therapeutic time for me along side of the road. 

Iya at 3 and  had so many changes that makes me laugh, teary eyed and sometimes makes me insane on some of her doing. The word "kikay" really suits her well. 
Having more time to bond after a couple of months absence. Life is complete and easier to handle when hubby is around. It is  true that absence makes your heart and mind ponder. 
A Sunday filled with love and laugh from a friend and our daughters

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In Good times and in Bad

Hi to all! Hope all of you started the week right. Pardon me if I'm posting too much celebration this past few weeks or months. It just happens that our celebration are all in December and January. Like today I'm emotional as it marks our 20th anniversary of my husband together. Looks like it's just yesterday, our marriage has ups and downs like most marriages do but I'm thankful that we stood in each others side all through the years. In all levels of relationship that we have been through, I could only say that we are lucky that we are like friends to each other, it helps and strengthens what trials laid on us. There are times that romance faded but companionship and friendship are still there that always bind us  together. RESPECT , LOVE  and TRUST. I'm so blessed that in span of twenty years I able to understand the many  difference meaning of that. 


To my husband, I'm looking forward for  great years of memories to be made with you. The memories that we will look back one day and reminisce what life has made us through. Laughing, smiling and maybe we will become emotional like I'm crying and you're teary eyed in one corner of our home having our coffee together. To grow old with you is one great thing that I love to do most. I'm very thankful that we are still here for each other no matter what and may we strive our best to fight what hardship of life may lead us through. i love you dearly, happy anniversary!


Oh my going all through these photos makes me fall in love again one more time.:) May all of you feel the power of love everyday of your life. Have a great day lovelies!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Motherhood : and you turn 3

My dearest Iya, 

Looks like it's just yesterday when I knew I'm expecting, and now it's your third birthday! I always tells how time fly so fast, and  I'm so happy to see your transformation and your day to day life with us. You bring so much joy and happiness and we are blessed to have you in our life. Having this blog is like a journal which I can see our life transformation, as well as  how you  and your siblings grow up looking back from page to page.  

As you turn 3 you have so many new things done. The stubborn face movements that I can't hold on to be strict when your giving  your sweetest gestures. Your day and night whisper on how you love us and your sweet acts of saying goodnight to us. On how you invade our house with your things that only reminds me that I have little in our home. I know some of the kids your age are not impose to be a fan of an artist, but as what your sister influence you, I see on you how you're fascinated as you see Lee Min Ho's photo's and through that, I'm one mama who let you see him in person together with your sister. I would never forget the biggest smile or maybe I could say biggest grin that I saw in your cute little face. Your happiness in seeing him doubles when we go to the mall. The photo of you below is one great example of it. One day you yourself will able to read this post and I just want you to know that you're one of the greatest blessings from above. I wish for your good health, stay as darling as you are and may you live a normal and happy life with your feet on the ground. I love you so much baby! 

  All my love,

On the side note can I have your support to vote for me on  CIRCLE OF MOMS Top 25 Fashion and Beauty moms - 2013. You can also find the link at the  right side  bar of this page. A big thanks!

*I draft this a  couple of weeks ago and just posted it  now. Her birthday happens on the 3rd week of December* 
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