Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My girl is now a LADY

Hi to all! Thank goodness I able to update my blog post again, hooray!. Sorry for the sudden disappearance friends, life has been too busy lately with all the party preparation and so on. Some of you know that yesterday was my eldest eighteen birthday. Until now I can't believe that she's already eighteen, I'm happy and thrilled but have this bittersweet feeling on me. I just want to enjoy my time with her now as long as she's happy with my company. I know time will come that she will have a life of her own and enjoy the company of other people more, so better yet enjoy the moment while it last. 

We celebrate her day eating pizza at her favorite pizza parlor. Then I gave her a book that she wanted to read and she's happy with that. Our celebration will be more meaningful if hubby is around celebrating with us. But that's life! sometimes sacrifices do happened, right? We just move her party on the day hubby will be home. My daughter knows in her heart that she will celebrate her debut once in her lifetime and she wanted to enjoy the big night with her father around- and - because she's a daddy's girl! 


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