Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas everyone! This time you already enjoy the holiday with your love ones, great feeling isn't it?! It's amazing to know that the year will end that I have so many great persons known through this blogging world and make a friendship with some of you. Everyday has been an inspiration and there's something to look forward to aside from my day to day living as a wife and a mother of four. It's also an amazing feeling to be apart of the conversation of some big blog community but they are humble enough to write back comments or tweet back at me. My heart melts for that reason every time. Holidays have not yet come to an end and there's still new year eve to celebrate. Wishing you all a happy and memorable Christmas and a prosperous 2013 to come!

I want to share some of our tropical holiday traditions:
Giant Christmas tree that you can see all over the place
Advent season with nine days morning starts at 4 a.m/ evening mass at 8 p.m. started on December 16th up to the 24th . We call it as  "simbang gabi"
The morning/ evening mass traditions comes with eating or take out  rice cake.  It's cook with charcoal fire at the bottom and top  or what we call "bibingka" and  "puto bumbong" It comes with a free cup of tea as you wish
Eating castanias is also a tradition I grew up seeing on a season like this.

who will not be fascinated with lighted giant Christmas tree right? I wish I could have a  big Christmas tree  by next year with all the ornaments I want to make hand made. 
Christmas won't be the same without kriss kringle in the family aside from the personal gifts we want to give. 
I usually cook food for Christmas eve but not as lavish as I always do during new year's eve. But this time around I just ordered  take out food as  my kids request. It's something new to us but today , hubby is not around celebrating the season with us so  might as well take the chance to be a little different too.

Hope your feeling the true happiness of the Holiday season with the PRICELESS piece you have, your FAMILY. Regardless of material things , nothing can beat a happy and complete family. Happy Holidays! 




  1. Merry Xmas Audrina! I hope the kids are enjoying their holidays.

  2. Red Tag Chic Los AngelesDecember 25, 2012 at 10:56 AM

    Awww how I miss Pinoy Christmas so much.....Merry Christmas from Los Angeles CA


  3. happy holidays to you and your fam!!
    Sandy a la Mode

  4. love the different tradition so neat to see!




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