Thursday, December 20, 2012


As i mature I try to add skincare product that perfectly suit my needs. Having a great skin needs proper care and nourishment. All source of anti ageing product is the best friend of my skin nowadays, tell you! ha ha. Less than two months ago I find myself visiting the store of Lush. I'm a loyal user of their hand cream for years now which I can say the best cream reliever for working hands. I told  the sales associate about my body concern and she gave me two names, one is Sultana of Soap which hits what I'm looking for and second is the karma soap, the best seller to consider.     
So let's focus on the first, an anti ageing product. I've purchased Sultana of Soap and using it for less than two months now. I've noticed that my skin became more nourish and hydrated. it exfoliates, tightens and lightens skin as it does have berries, grape seed oil and citrus bergamot to name a few ingredients. i love how the product  does to my skin. To those who are concern about scents, this soap have an intense smell after opening and while using, but the scent don't last long. I also asked the SA to cut the soap  into two like the photo above as the soap easily melts. Putting it in a soap container avoiding water spray help it to last. The soap can be purchase in a minimum of 100 grams. But if you're looking for a scented smell that last all day I can suggest their Karma Soap.    
I love the LUSH newsletter. Anybody can have it visiting their store. For those who are not yet familiar with all of their  product this help pretty well.

As Holiday Season brings, they have great selections of gift packs to choose from. It's a feeling of happy place whenever i'm on their store. Wishing Santa will throw a bunch for me.:)

For those of you who are using LUSH products I like to know what's your favorite! 


  1. ohhhhhhh!!! I MUST TRY THIS!! hahaha.. i love the honey comb soup it smells so good!!! i love anything honey hehehe :p

  2. Lush I s a great product line and I def need to check this out. Hope all is well and you are ready for the holidays.

  3. I've always wondered how the Lush soaps were, thanks for sharing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. I have never tried Lush before but this soap looks interesting - I am always on the lookout for a great cleanser. Happy holidays!


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