Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas everyone! This time you already enjoy the holiday with your love ones, great feeling isn't it?! It's amazing to know that the year will end that I have so many great persons known through this blogging world and make a friendship with some of you. Everyday has been an inspiration and there's something to look forward to aside from my day to day living as a wife and a mother of four. It's also an amazing feeling to be apart of the conversation of some big blog community but they are humble enough to write back comments or tweet back at me. My heart melts for that reason every time. Holidays have not yet come to an end and there's still new year eve to celebrate. Wishing you all a happy and memorable Christmas and a prosperous 2013 to come!

I want to share some of our tropical holiday traditions:
Giant Christmas tree that you can see all over the place
Advent season with nine days morning starts at 4 a.m/ evening mass at 8 p.m. started on December 16th up to the 24th . We call it as  "simbang gabi"
The morning/ evening mass traditions comes with eating or take out  rice cake.  It's cook with charcoal fire at the bottom and top  or what we call "bibingka" and  "puto bumbong" It comes with a free cup of tea as you wish
Eating castanias is also a tradition I grew up seeing on a season like this.

who will not be fascinated with lighted giant Christmas tree right? I wish I could have a  big Christmas tree  by next year with all the ornaments I want to make hand made. 
Christmas won't be the same without kriss kringle in the family aside from the personal gifts we want to give. 
I usually cook food for Christmas eve but not as lavish as I always do during new year's eve. But this time around I just ordered  take out food as  my kids request. It's something new to us but today , hubby is not around celebrating the season with us so  might as well take the chance to be a little different too.

Hope your feeling the true happiness of the Holiday season with the PRICELESS piece you have, your FAMILY. Regardless of material things , nothing can beat a happy and complete family. Happy Holidays! 



Thursday, December 20, 2012


As i mature I try to add skincare product that perfectly suit my needs. Having a great skin needs proper care and nourishment. All source of anti ageing product is the best friend of my skin nowadays, tell you! ha ha. Less than two months ago I find myself visiting the store of Lush. I'm a loyal user of their hand cream for years now which I can say the best cream reliever for working hands. I told  the sales associate about my body concern and she gave me two names, one is Sultana of Soap which hits what I'm looking for and second is the karma soap, the best seller to consider.     
So let's focus on the first, an anti ageing product. I've purchased Sultana of Soap and using it for less than two months now. I've noticed that my skin became more nourish and hydrated. it exfoliates, tightens and lightens skin as it does have berries, grape seed oil and citrus bergamot to name a few ingredients. i love how the product  does to my skin. To those who are concern about scents, this soap have an intense smell after opening and while using, but the scent don't last long. I also asked the SA to cut the soap  into two like the photo above as the soap easily melts. Putting it in a soap container avoiding water spray help it to last. The soap can be purchase in a minimum of 100 grams. But if you're looking for a scented smell that last all day I can suggest their Karma Soap.    
I love the LUSH newsletter. Anybody can have it visiting their store. For those who are not yet familiar with all of their  product this help pretty well.

As Holiday Season brings, they have great selections of gift packs to choose from. It's a feeling of happy place whenever i'm on their store. Wishing Santa will throw a bunch for me.:)

For those of you who are using LUSH products I like to know what's your favorite! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My girl is now a LADY

Hi to all! Thank goodness I able to update my blog post again, hooray!. Sorry for the sudden disappearance friends, life has been too busy lately with all the party preparation and so on. Some of you know that yesterday was my eldest eighteen birthday. Until now I can't believe that she's already eighteen, I'm happy and thrilled but have this bittersweet feeling on me. I just want to enjoy my time with her now as long as she's happy with my company. I know time will come that she will have a life of her own and enjoy the company of other people more, so better yet enjoy the moment while it last. 

We celebrate her day eating pizza at her favorite pizza parlor. Then I gave her a book that she wanted to read and she's happy with that. Our celebration will be more meaningful if hubby is around celebrating with us. But that's life! sometimes sacrifices do happened, right? We just move her party on the day hubby will be home. My daughter knows in her heart that she will celebrate her debut once in her lifetime and she wanted to enjoy the big night with her father around- and - because she's a daddy's girl! 


Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide


It's a  late  post Holiday gift guide but want to share this to some who has not yet done with their Holiday shopping  like me.  I've been eyeing some of it for a while and  some I was delighted while I'm browsing. For those  who love shimmery, shiny, glittery and gold as well as leopards and plums like me, these selections are for you all.

Jeweled-collar  Blazer   Pave' link bracelet  Medium Satchel   Leopard Pump


Saturday, December 15, 2012


My heart melts in the tragedy happened a few days ago. I just can't help but got teary eyed hearing and reading news about what happened. Losing your love one is the hardest part, most especially losing a child in the middle of preparation for the Holiday season, which kid love most celebrating. I can't imagine how devastating and painful it is to all the family who lost their love ones.

I just pray and wish for a peaceful community. To let people know that violence is not the solution of all things. LOVE and FAITH should lead the way as well as TRUE prayers.
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