Friday, November 16, 2012

An Update

Hello Everybody! Sorry for the long absence, been busy with some chores and some important matters to attend and settle too! I had a crazy two weeks and don't even take the time to sit in front of the computer for  long. Whenever  I have the chance to do so, my internet connection will be tooo sloooow to browse and quite upset about that. Anyway I want to take the chance to do a quick post now. Hope I can do it again regularly with the next few days to come. 

One thing that take my time now is planning all about the celebration of my eldest which I already told you in my last post. Thanks for all your insights and wonderful shared ideas.Settling now on some ideas to be a reality makes me feel elated and excited for my daughter. I myself feels like a teenager again. I know and hope that this party will not only enjoy by the younger ones but all the "young" adults too! Will still have more than a month for all the things to get done.

It will be a cocktail night with loud music or a band as a highlight. Cocktail bar will be in full swing and a flying lantern to light after the speech. Hope my daughter will be delighted with fun  ideas that will happen on her special day.

Will catch each one of your post as soon as I have time. Been longing to read each and everyone's post. Thanks to instagram that I get to see what's happening in some aspects of your lives. Miss all your stories and fashion style!

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Party Planning

Happy Monday to all of you. It's kids first day of school today after two weeks vacation. They still have a hard time to get up early since they have a different routine for weeks, so am I. However, I felt their excitement to get back to school. So I'm back to old  route, it's me and Iya  mostly now in our home until the next days to come.

I can't believe it's finally November! I heard so many Christmas songs playing in the radio nowadays. A big impact to boost the Christmas spirit, and shopping spirit too! More than a month from now, my two daughters will celebrate their birthday with only three days apart. Alynna will turn eighteen while Iya my youngest will be three. I still don't have exact idea what kind of celebration it will gonna be. To tell you honestly, I don't have the fuss of planning celebration ahead of time. Maybe I don't have the skills like most of you does and I'm not a big party event planner kind of girl growing up. I do appreciate what I saw from moms who put crafting skills by means of do it yourself. I wish I could but I can't and I'm not. Maybe I could cook- a lot. A small gathering is just fine maybe for my little one, her first birthday here. But for my eldest? she's the type who wants to party so I don't know what it's gonna be for her. I will tell you about it when I knew then ha ha we are still on the process of giving and talking ideas. So to lovely moms and  gorgeous ladies out there who party when you're eighteen, any great idea? I'm open to suggestions.               


                                                        Wishing you all a great week ahead!      

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween is over so with All Saints Day,  this time around  in a month or so Christmas is around the corner. Another Holiday I'm looking forward. Early this week my family and I was able to go far and do food craze, visiting our favorite bakeshop and patisserie. I also do some window shopping in between. It's a nice feeling to go out of your shell once in a while and breaking the routine. I finally visit the newly open Cotton On that I find so many great pieces that I need to come back sooner. It's hard to fit items when you have toddler on the loose, right mommies? For sure you know what I mean.  

It was such a beautiful atmosphere and a cooler night that you won't mind walking. I think I should take the opportunity to come back with my friend before the kids vacation ends.Great idea, do you think so?

-all photos by audrina julia

All Saints Day

Hi everyone! As I noticed that Halloween has been a big event for most of you but  here in the Philippines, we are looking forward for the coming of All Saints Day. This is the time we remember our love ones who passed away and visit them in the cemetery. Mostly before this day or as early as last week of October you can see so many flower vendors along with the many who sell candles. These are one of the many cultures we've got  from the Spaniards. 


I have fond memories commemorating All Saints day in my childhood days. We normally visit the cemetery two days in a row, November 1st which is All Saints day then we'll come back again the next day for All Souls day. It's a visitation  until night time with lighted candles and bright shade of moon. Aside from visiting our love ones it's also the chance for us, my childhood friends and relatives to be reunited again. It's very endearing to see each other in person since most of us are living apart. It's one of the Holidays that we're looking forward to come. 

-all images by audrina julia

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