Monday, October 29, 2012

Beauty: Skin Hydration

I have noticed that when a person hits mid-30's, the body needs more hydration. Drinking a lot of water is a must to help combat skin aging. In general, loss of elasticity, cellulite's  flabby thighs, stretch marks, age spots these are all some of the factors that came out when you're on your 30's and 40's. Using of  shower oil and body oil are added to my body care now to help my skin nourish. Hot temperature and cold weather means drying on most part of  the body causing skin to age if not properly taken care of, most especially on thighs and arms. To name a few, oil with firming ingredients like almond, Shea and olive helps locks the skin moisture, it helps firm and tone the skin. Stretch marks also lighten by using so. There's so many things  to consider on taking care of your body, right? I just wish you could share your own remedy to on how you help you skin to look good and tell what favorite products too you rely on most. 

So what is your skin type and are you using moisturizer or body oil too? I'm not that lucky to have a normal one,  I grew up with dry to very dry skin. In preventing on  having a snake or crocodile like skin, I lavish myself on putting  lotion. When I hit my 20's a mixture of moisturizer are added to my after bath ritual as my daily regimen and putting some in between when I'm contact with water or after washing my hands. I just wish I started using moisturizer in my early years to have a better result. Aging means taking care most of your skin but it's better yet to be taken care in younger years to see the ultimate result. They say that when a person age, it's more high on maintenance  I think so. I wish I have all the $$$ to buy for all what that I need he he. I list down here some of my trusted moisturizer and body oils that I rely on for years now. It's my pleasure to know what do you rely on most, so do share if you like.

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Body wash and my best after bath almond oil 
My rely on body butter, perfect to use after  scrub

I told my friends that there's no need to be afraid getting old and reaching our age bracket or older ( mid 30's - early 40's, I'm 39 now) We just need to take care of our skin to age gracefully. Oh and before I forget as much as I put a generous amount of sunblock on my face, it's also the same on my body. It's a must to avoid age spots and melasma, always remember the damage that uva and uvb cause, right ladies!?






  1. thanks for doing this!! definitely going to try out some of your fav products.. i'm seriously stunned that you are 39 you look so soo young.. i wouldn't have thought you were a day over 32!!!!

  2. I may skip toner but I can never live without my moisturizers because i have the driest skin! It's true! Our skin looks younger and more supple if it's properly hydrated. My God, you don't look 39 at all, I swear! Hurray to taking care of our skin :)


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