Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Spirit

A bit scared that's why she looks that way.
We usually don't do pumpkin carving or picking here. The spirit of Halloween can be seen by joining trick or treat in the subdivision organized by homeowners for kids. Selected shopping malls also do the same where in you can have your kids can join  trick or treat in each boutique in their best Halloween costumes. In our home, we usually watch horror films just to let the spirit come alive while kids enjoying their activity outside.

On the other note I love that my kids still enjoy reading up to this time. I hope it will still be a practice until they're grown up. I usually let them stay in a bookstore to check what they want, scan and read. It's also great that they can able to buy what they want at a minimal price.

*To all who are in the east coast that are affected by storm Sandy, be safe and stay safe.*

-all images by audrina julia

Monday, October 29, 2012

Beauty: Skin Hydration

I have noticed that when a person hits mid-30's, the body needs more hydration. Drinking a lot of water is a must to help combat skin aging. In general, loss of elasticity, cellulite's  flabby thighs, stretch marks, age spots these are all some of the factors that came out when you're on your 30's and 40's. Using of  shower oil and body oil are added to my body care now to help my skin nourish. Hot temperature and cold weather means drying on most part of  the body causing skin to age if not properly taken care of, most especially on thighs and arms. To name a few, oil with firming ingredients like almond, Shea and olive helps locks the skin moisture, it helps firm and tone the skin. Stretch marks also lighten by using so. There's so many things  to consider on taking care of your body, right? I just wish you could share your own remedy to on how you help you skin to look good and tell what favorite products too you rely on most. 

So what is your skin type and are you using moisturizer or body oil too? I'm not that lucky to have a normal one,  I grew up with dry to very dry skin. In preventing on  having a snake or crocodile like skin, I lavish myself on putting  lotion. When I hit my 20's a mixture of moisturizer are added to my after bath ritual as my daily regimen and putting some in between when I'm contact with water or after washing my hands. I just wish I started using moisturizer in my early years to have a better result. Aging means taking care most of your skin but it's better yet to be taken care in younger years to see the ultimate result. They say that when a person age, it's more high on maintenance  I think so. I wish I have all the $$$ to buy for all what that I need he he. I list down here some of my trusted moisturizer and body oils that I rely on for years now. It's my pleasure to know what do you rely on most, so do share if you like.

photo via


Body wash and my best after bath almond oil 
My rely on body butter, perfect to use after  scrub

I told my friends that there's no need to be afraid getting old and reaching our age bracket or older ( mid 30's - early 40's, I'm 39 now) We just need to take care of our skin to age gracefully. Oh and before I forget as much as I put a generous amount of sunblock on my face, it's also the same on my body. It's a must to avoid age spots and melasma, always remember the damage that uva and uvb cause, right ladies!?





Friday, October 26, 2012

Baked Goodies: Butter Cake

Hi! For couple of weeks I have longer time spend with my two daughter(s). Our activities mostly consist of cooking and baking. For span of two weeks, we find time for that and gaining weight for eating sweets doesn't feel good at all huh!.*le sigh* It's hard to control when you have delicious food within your reach. However I always love butter cake. It's one of my favorite that I enjoy eating as I sip my coffee.Baking your own at home is like a big fulfillment. My daughter gave me a big grin for baking  the cake successfully, Now I think she finds her passion.



Ingredients :

9                eggs
2       c.      sugar
2       c.      butter
3 1/2 c.      cake flour
3 tsp.         baking powder
3/4    c.      chilled milk


1.  Beat egg yolks with 1 cup sugar until fluffy
2.  Cream butter and 1/2 cup sugar.
3   Add yolk mixture.
4.  Sift cake flour and baking powder together.
5.  Fold in alternately with chilled milk.
6.  Beat egg whites with 1/4 cup sugar until stiff.
7.  Fold in flour mixture.
8.  Pour into 3 greased-lined- greased loaf pans.
9.  Baked at 350 F for 40 minutes
10.Cool and wrap in plastic sheet to keep moist. Store at room temperature. Flavors improves after 24 hours.

Son1 and son2 are now on their semestral break too! Let's see what the days will bring for this family.

                                                           Happy Friday to all!

-all images by audrina julia

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Home Details

A home is every ones dream. A place where your family builds memories to last a life time. When I got the chance to have my own home back then six years ago, I was not that focus on the details of the house.What I consider most is that I wanted to have a  kitchen with overlooking window a nice pull out cabinet that I could put all my plates and glasses. A minimal size bathroom where it could be a place of comfort. A sanctuary after a long day of work. As I remember then I'm more into the detailing of the accessories and tiles. We ask to change the original materials from our own taste. That causes me to be busy then. 

A lovely Porch
photo via

We opted for a house and lot package so everything was more on choosing the model of the unit. Upon turn over of the unit it's up to the homeowner to change, add and extend, so be it. Before moving in I decided  for a relocation of bathroom and kitchen to widen and expand the space by extending the available lot space at the backyard. So everything is said and my point is, after staying for a couple of months that's the time I knew that I needed more space or rooms like closet, pantry and  laundry area. Even a larger porch and a  lanai is something that I wish I ask to do. A great place to read, eat, drink and unwind with our friends. It's very hard to achieve it now as we lack in space.

After a long thought I wish I able to think it first back then before deciding what I want. It's very hard to focus since I'm still working when the house construction began. That's the time also when I'm not yet that skilled as a hand-on housekeeper and a stay at home mom. Laundry chores before is something that I never do so having a nice laundry area and a heavy duty reliable machine is far away from my mind before not like now as I post here and here. Lifestyle is not the same when I have somebody back then to do household chores for me. A plus when my mother is still around and living with us. Those who live in Asian country know what I mean about this.  

A cozy entry way
photo via
Wide sliding doors and overlooking  space
photo via
mini bar and a built in couch
photo via
A space when you want to be alone and read
photo via
Small kitchen space I love the faucet details above the range. Cooking will be much easier
photo via
A mud room. Place I badly  needed.
photo via
Cozy bulb light at night. Perfect for romantic and intimate talk outdoor
photo via

Love the idea of an open vegetable  drawer
photo via  
and pull out  drawer underneath the sink
photo  via
Chopping board  with a hole. Scrap direct down to the trash. What a great idea
photo via

I will love to let you see our home in my future post. Learning from something is a great experience to be better. Life changes through time so with  taste and perspective. 

Readers do you have your own home or renting still? Are you particular with the details before the construction? What place in your house is your main concern?

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Over the Weekend

Indulge in a colorful wall frames
Late night fries and ice cream craving by this little miss.
Not an  ice cream  enthusiast but this cones will do
For my two sweet tooth kids
Late night baking with my daughter.
Life is too fast for this young girl who's going to be 18 in less than two months!Love how we bond  together lately.
My two sweeties! They are like twins in gestures with 15 years apart. They are almost together like mama and daughter. sometimes sweet, sometimes snob.  Funny to see them like that.
I love how I score all of this.  Little things  that brought smile in my face every time.

 A low key weekend and glad to be back on my normal routine. Weekend is  all about food in this family of six and a little side note of some kitchen addition that gives me a glance of  happiness.  Semestral break comes before the week ends and looking forward for a time more  spend with the kids chilling and relaxing.

 One week of late morning wake up!  Yay! Glad to feel you again after months! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend : Style Inspiration

I have an admiration for animal print pattern now. My fascination  evolves when I started blogging two years ago. I can't imagine that taste changes as well as my attraction toward this pattern. My friends who knew me well can't believe that I'm into this right now. Though I don't have enormous pieces of  animal prints in my closet yet,  I know that my interest won't die down anytime soon. I will be ecstatic to add this and this pieces in the days to come, hope the coming Holidays will be generous enough.:)

 via bag  shoes

Pretty flats and what a gorgeous killer shoes * sigh*


Are you a an animal print aficionado? I know some of you who does and have an amazing pieces of it, but what do you love most among animal print pattern?

Have a great weekend to all!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Beauty: Think Pink

Up to this day and to my age right now I'm still in love with pink! This year I had purchased a fuchsia pink  item and makes me think if I'm still suitable for it, but who cares and why not! As long as it will give me satisfaction and happiness, go on! ha ha! Some numbers in my pink and pink alike collection is here and here. The two colors that always be available in my make up kit.


Evelyn Lauder and Elizabeth Hurley Dream Lip collection in  Pure Color long lasting lipstick in Candy, Pure Color lip gloss in Pink Innocence plus a chic pink snakeskin printed clutch. Like it and love it too!!

In line with this, October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month and Estee Lauder's celebrating their 20th year in practicing their campaign. They made Evelyn Lauder Dream Collection. A portion of the proceeds goes to Breast Cancer Research Foundation except for the pin and compact, that all of the proceeds  will be donated. Estee Lauder is one skincare and cosmetic brand  I trusted for years now, so I'm happy to know as a consumer that they return something to the community for the benefit of so many. You can visit more on their site here.

Evelyn Lauder Dream Compact

Estee Lauder Perfectionist wrinkle lifting/ Firming .The  anti aging serum I rely on aside from the Advance Night Repair

Readers I love to know what's your favorite lip color at the moment or one skincare that you rely most on your skin? I'm happy to read and know about it!

Happy Friday to all!! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baked Goodies: Cheese Muffin

Among the parts of the house, I always love being in the kitchen. I can honestly say that I'm not that good at home organizing things but have the ideas, and just ask somebody to do it for me. However being in the kitchen, cooking and preparing is another story. It's one thing I love to do most. The feeling of satisfaction when I cook is like the feeling when I'm on shopping spree or when I pamper myself. It's a happy place. I guess  I inherited the interest through my father, we always cook and bond at the kitchen. That's one of the memories I remember from him when I was a child.


So for today I want to add another post in a week where I can add some food or bake recipes to share to all of you. As I'm into cooking, my eldest daughter love baking, so once in a while if her schedule and mine permits we bond together into this activities.It will be like a journal to both of us. She's my assistant now and love how my memory flash back when I'm in the same boat like her with  my father before, a side kick.


                                                              CHEESE MUFFIN

1           c.   butter
1/2        c.   powdered sugar
3            eggs
1  big can condensed milk
1  big can evaporated milk
2-3/4     c.  flour
1 tsp.     baking powder
1            c. grated cheddar cheese

1. Cream butter with sugar.
2. Add eggs one at a time beating well after each addition.
3. Stir in condensed and evaporated milk.
4. Fold in dry ingredients.
5. Pour in muffin pans or with fluted cups.
6. Sprinkle grated cheese generously
7. Baked at 350 f  for 20-25 minutes.

The original recipe came from cravings cookbook, but through time I manage to change a bit of the ingredients due to my own liking . As I've told you I don't have "that" sweet tooth but my family like anything sweets so I lessen a bit of sugar for some health issues. The ingredients above is the innovation from the original recipe. I love the moist texture of the original and thankful it still remains even I change a bit of the ingredients. 

Cravings is one bakeshop i love most. They cater SUPER yummy cakes and pastries available in guiltless too! You must visit their shop and available at The Coffeee Beanery (tcb) outlet too!

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