Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Motherhood: On Little Savings

Freebies from my local supermarket.
Hi to all! So for now we have this motherhood and wife topic since it involves around savings. Are you the type who always after the NEEDS and disregard WANTS? Just curious, how do you keep your budget and how do you save? As a married wife for long ( forget the years lol )I already tried and tested every aspects on where I can have a little savings.I told "a little" cause I can't be frugal on some household necessities. For that reason I try to look for the things that will help me stretch a bit and compensate on savings while being fair for my family. I love how I communicate with moms and wife and figure out how do they manage to save.Some says they thrifted on food, some on clothing, some limits on going out. Again everybody's differ on what kind of lifestyle they are into. Personally I can't say that I can't put savings on food, my budget for that is already fixed. I already conclude that food will be the least thing to do to lessen my budget. I think that's the reason being raise in a chinese tongue.You love good food and love to eat as well. For that reason I try to look for something that I can compensate to save while still living the life that I wanted for me and for my family.
I love the perks I get from this coffee passport promotion
My saving list:
1. In the house everybody is aware that when not in use all appliances should be unplug. each unused appliances that are plug runs wattage in your electric consumption too! So I try to aware my kids about those things.
2. In terms of electric cost do you know your reading cut off? I try to figure out about it before and make it a point to lessen myconsumption before the reading period.It helps me a bit to track down the use of power consumption for the next one week! Atleast I can save a few bucks. It's really pain in my a_s paying too much for the electric bill.
3. Are you a points sucker? if yes so do I! For that reason I try to get almost all the privilege card that I'm into and be rewarded. I have some certificates that can be converted to cash given by the stores I'm loyal to. Is it a rewarding feeling to shop for free? In love with those kind of days.
4. As you know how coffee aficionado I am so I always had in my wallet the coffee passport 10+ 1 promo. I love promotions like that. Atleast I can save for the full amount of php 375 or $9. Atleast the marketing strategy of the company makes worth it  for the consumer.

Have this on my birthday when kids requested for doughnuts.  
That's some that I'm most aware off to save. I have this disposition in life that savings can be a good trait doing in minimal and on balance. Depriving one's self or family in particular is not healthy at all.Household savings can be fun if everyone is happy doing it!It's always great to have a balance and that's only for my personal opinion. So now I'm happy to know your thoughts.What are your little savings in life?


  1. i don't really like to scrimp on food/groceries, because i love to eat, too! during the week i try to bring lunch to work so that we can splurge on the weekend. i also try to drink homemade coffee during the week, too. in theory, i love to stock up and save when things are on sale...but somehow the things we want are never what's on sale! for now, at least for my son, i buy cheap/affordable clothes and shoes because he grows out of them so fast! even though i love coupons, i never have them with me when i need them...but i love those points/value cards, too. i try to take advantage of savings that way, too!

  2. good tips for saving money. thanks for sharing

  3. unfortunately i am not really the scour for savings type there has been times i have thought about doing it more in depth but sometimes it can be so time consuming!


  4. We've made our house pretty energy efficient which helps a lot!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. You and I should talk more about this on twitter, I'm always too weak when it comes to cutting costs. I'm even too lazy to use coupons when they are already in my bag and all I have to do is give it to the cashier. Tsk tsk.

    xx Jenee C.http://camomeetscouture.blogspot.com

  6. Thanks for sharing! I love homemade coffee too! For me nothing beats doing it your own.

  7. Sure! Just dm or start the conversation lol. I have my own weak points too so I find a reason to lessen the cost even in a little savings.


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