Saturday, September 8, 2012


How's your weekend so far? Hope it's doing great! So now I am here replacing my weekend style inspiration to food post atleast for this weekend. For the past days i'm craving for sushi and grilled salmon. I'm a fan of california maki and sushi so for those who loves to eat japanese food like me, come on let's crave and cook too! Since it's weekend today and most of all are with their families, i want to share what i 'm pinning  via my Pinterest as an inspiration. if you're also thinking of what probably to cook or order in a restaurant, take this as a sort of suggestion. 
Grilled garlic Dijon Her Salmon is one of my favorite fish aside from milk fish ( Bangus ) I also love the grilled salmon belly where I will  marinate some kikkoman, worcetershire sauce, lots of garlic, some pepper and oyster sauce. Recipe here
Yummy! photo from here
Seared tuna roll with basil aioli recipe from here
Fresh rolls will be great with beef wanton noodles soup. Do you agree?

For some reason I love to drink lemon coolers nowadays. It's all started last summer and still making it even though the rain is pouring here in my place most of the time. I always stock a pitcher of it in the refrigerator and make it available to all who wants a  refreshing drink. I try to cut down on drinking soda for a while and thinking some coolers down below as an alternative. A good source of vitamin C  for my kids too, don't you think so? As I tweeted yesterday, I love how I saw beverage that are put on the empty spread jars. Will love to try using it at home. Having a toddler sometimes means of repetitive replenishment on buying glassware most of the time. Do you have the same experience too? At this point I will happen to innovate from using same old style of drinking glass, be stylish and do some recycling too! What a fun idea! 

So now will you share some of your favorite foods and drinks too?


                                          Have a great and fabulous weekend to all!


  1. I love love love salmon and sushi. Must try your marinade recipe, I've never considered combining soy sauce and worchestershire sauce and oyster sauce. Sounds interesting. My favourite go-to salmon recipe is a quick miso marinade. Love these foodie pics, you must do this more often.

    xx Jenee C.

  2. this all looks so good!


  3. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuum that grilled salmon at the top is making my mouth salivate haha.. and i love that watermelon drink it looks so refreshing!!!!


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