Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Here and There

Last week had been a great week for me. I can say a relaxing one, apparently there's some stressful moment at the end part which I posted the photo on my instagram. It's been properly taken care off if you mind to know. So now these are some of the good vibes photos that I want to impart to you over my weekend.Those who follow me on twitter may already see some of this but to those who did'nt,  here it is!

My nail polish first picks for the season! I love nail colors though I mostly do it on my toe nails. 
Two things that makes me smile over the weekend. If you remember I uploaded this  iphone case photo a months ago on "what I'm loving right now post" so here "she"! She looks great up close than in photo. Love it! and this colorful fitflop    brighten my eyes for days too! Two simple things that perks me up.:) 
So finally son2 had his haircut. Though he doesn't want but he had no choice.  I just tell him to wait for summer vacation to let his hair again.
This time I have my movie date with my eldest. We had a great time! As I said in my IG caption  I wish I could have the looks and skills like Alice ( Milla Jovovich ). Amazing film for me!
We had a cup of yogurt with so many toppings to choose from. I'm not that  sweet tooth kind so  I can't imagine my daughter order for a chocolate base and put chocolate toppings too!!
My breakfast partner, varies only on spreads and fruit on the side. But i love breads heating in a  flying saucer for some hot bite goodness.
Two things that makes me smile in terms of food. I've waited a month for this spread until it become available again! I don't know what happened to the supplies but I remember buying snack pack just to subside my craving. AND well that coffee needs no explanation at all, right?hahahah
As usual whenever hubby is around we are always on the go , so here, I'm a  bare face mama going to town  

Monday, September 24, 2012


So Elated!

I am now a site partner of Starbucks! If you're reading my blog for at time now, you will know that I'm a coffee lover and a slight tea lover too. I love to drink dark roast so Italian and Cafe Verona is my favorite blend to brew at home. However when I visit the store I'm after cafe americano, quite alike the taste of italian roast and verona, but if I am the mood for some changes, I will go for a cup of cafe latte. For this reason, that's why I'm  thrilled that I am now one of their site partner!

In line with this, I want you to know that Verismo has arrived at Starbucks! So now if you're looking for a homemade cup of coffee that your favorite Barista make at store, you will love to have one at your own home! Perfect for gift giving and worth as a self gift as well!


Get FREE shipping and a box of coffee pods when you order any Verismo machine.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend : Style Inspiration

Living in a tropical country makes your outfit more on a casual type. Mostly you can wear open toe sandals, cute flops, an sleeveless, a sheer dress or cotton and most of the times trouser, short / pants and a dress can also be add.  So I make this post just to put myself in a situation what if I could able to live or visit in a cold weather,just in case.  The first three photos below and  the collage above will be something similar on how gonna put up my outfit. Colder season comes here next month and how i like to wear boots, knitted mittens and  a layer of top, and a  trench coat . However these are all  impossible to happen, so I just pick this all here to be an inspiration.
Perfect cut of trench coat I want to wear and can I just say how gorgeous her hair  is!
a feminine touch , who can get wrong in a blue and red combination.
Layer of knitted
Love the silk scarf that puts more elegant in an outfit.

All photos from the bottom is similar to an outfit you can wear here  in a cold weather. I don't have an enormous collections of scarf but I want to add some color and pattern. 

Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

Friday, September 21, 2012

15 Years!

Hello to all! Weekend is around the corner again, so I don't want to end the week without posting my long time awaited date with my dear friend. We dated last week with her only daughter and son2. It was supposed to be a meet up for my birthday but due to her hectic schedule we just finalized that it will be a  September meet up, so it happens only last week.

Aside from my family, my husband and kids one thing I keep on having a good relation with is my friends.I always find time to communicate and see them as much as I could.  "Bestie" as I call her is on top of the list. We've been friends for fifteen long years so this date is a two in one celebration! It's only a quick meet up, far from we used to do before. Life changes, but I'm happy though we only meet occasionally, atleast we able to see each other in person once in a while. I'm thanking how useful the social network is, we able to chat and do phone calls so we are not left behind.  

As my mantra, true friends are like marriage, you can find, meet and mingle, but it's hard to find the real one. True friendship is like true love, you stick to the one person you know well, and knows you that well. The one who gives you happiness, and you also give back in return. It also needs nourishment to flourish, so we always find time to get in touch. A give and take relationship but it's not a big deal whoever gives more or who gets more. I just wish we stay this way until we grow old. Well, gray hair started to appear to me now but I 'm glad our friendship is still here, standing still.

Our NOW and THEN photo. Sorry for the blur pictures on the left I just haul them on my old belongings. Great moment to reminish old times.
So elated to see her again! An  eleven months gap from the last one.
I love how I see her kids grow so I'm to her.  We're like families. Son2 aand her only daughter
a souvenir shot
Being together is not the same without our favorite thing we like  to do most , eating and window/some shopping!
I'm so touch to received this gift from her. She do have a shop and selling vintage finds! It's our tradition to exchange gifts when we see each other and we do that for about ten years now. As a memories  on how our meet up goes, we always have something bought for our self, mine here and hers here. Just something to make our date more special and fun to look back. Just a girl thing! Who does'nt love it, right?

So readers how do you find time with your friend(s)? What's your usual  go to? 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

Sometimes life is a fast forward, sometimes it's not. Life have hardship, achievements, happiness and struggles.There's a point that it has it's own peak and you would need to choose what direction you want to be as your path.
Life has a phase, sometimes to MOVE on is the hardest! In all obstacles each one should know what she will like to be or to have in the end, it's always a choice or to focus on a goal. I can say that whatever life brings to me it's a great aspect that I learned to move and love. It's always being on a positive thoughts and my act follows.

What matters most now is how i LOVE my family, my kids, thinking and working hard on their future. Sometimes to step back on what I want and embracing what they want. I'm happy that I able to achieved what I want in  life, the one I'm dreaming of to have when I was a child. Maybe it's not that perfect or not that ideal but what matters is i'm happy, we are happy. While i'm alone and thinking how we giggle on simple things that makes our simple moments as treasured memories makes me feel fulfilled. I work hard to have my family intact, together with my husband. It's always a join force in our everyday life.


I just figure out that anyone or everyone should not dwell on things. Obstacles or hardships is a spice of life. I think life is too short to put on to waste. There's a better way to enjoy life. It feels better to have a new perspective that everybody can compensate. Anyway life has not only in one's personal  purpose but it's more on others too, right? Personally I believe love is a big factor above all in life. What ever happens in life it's important to Let's Move & Let's Love. I know I make the right move and I'm happy with the outcome!

In relation, I'm thrilled to try the new fragrance from United Colors of Benetton. They launches their new fragrances, Let's Move for men, and Lets Love for women  

Let's Move for men
Let's Love for women

Be sure to check perfumes.benetton.com for more details.

                                                            Thanks so much for reading!:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Food and Fashion

Hello there! Thanks for your overwhelming response on my last post, definitely burgundy will be a hit this fall. By the way, I'm not feeling well for some days later last week so pardon for my "long" absence to post. However, I try my best to be visible as I can on my instagram and twitter account. So for those who like, you can follow me there.

Weekend is been more on eating, ( window + some ) shopping, a meet up with a very good friend, a day out with the whole family and  a visit to my in-laws. Quite exhausted for most days of the week but thank goodness for the help of paracetamol and a good vibes of Sunday wake up. Atleast I able to enjoy the last day of my weekend.:)  

i'm fascinated with the color of the dress though I think it will need some alteration on the side if I'll pursue on having one. I love how rich the color of the blue top and love how it team up with off white wide legs pants. 
Just saw this floral blazer that catches my eye. A different from those ordinary plain type. What do you think of this blazer? up or down?

Great to see you again! :)
The food selection is what I call my comfort food. Those hot sauce is sooo good that I wish I could have as an add on dips at home. if I could only have it bought, unfortunately I ask the waiter several times from every outlet  that I visit and it's not for sale, an exclusive:(  I've been checkin' it on  supermarket stores but sadly i don't see something like it or even similar .:( As an add on, I've been pinning fresh spring rolls for days and blog about it to get relieve on my craving. But there's nothing good as you can see it in person and taste it yourself ! YUM!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall color...Burgundy

Hi to all ! Fall is here once again and I heard and read  so many fashion related issues about it! Some of my favorite colors that I find so elegant and glamorous are silver and gold. The shimmery flash and those   sparkling effects are so appealing to my eyes. Aside from the two, I also find myself attracted to the shade of burgundy, which happened to be one of  fall color favorite shade.

Those pants makes a sophisticated touch in one's fall  outfit  and those rich color  Chanel bag makes a gorgeous statement as well.
One thing I love for fall is smelling scented candles, anyone can appreciate more to light one in a cold weather, right? I alternate my oil base lamp home scent with those kind. A great way to help my home smelling fresh and clean. Oh candles, why you're so romantic to see around and your scent make it so worth it to light? ...and those burgundy roses...there's a special story behind me liking it. The first flowers I received from my husband when we're still boyfriend-girlfriend is a box of those. So definitely there's an "added " sweet memories to look back while seeing some.

Below are some of the eye catching shade of burgundy that I find interesting!!

via mango
via Anthropologie.eu

So readers what are your up to color this fall? Thanks for dropping by and have a great week to all!
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