Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Some shots that I capture on the day of my birthday. I try to sort photos so  I could share more. Hopping from one store to the other, I choose the shade of red family attractive for some pieces that I find. There's also a variety of stripes that has a beautiful color combination that I find amazing too. Rainy season started more than a couple of months ago but I noticed that shorts is still a fashion finds in almost all the retail store that I visited, mix with great blazer, cardigan or jacket. Tropical country it is! 
Forever 21
Bayo - a well known local retail shop

We had fun time going to retail store and tried on new arrivals from the season. I took a shot here as hubby go out from the fitting room . He tried  gray long sleeves that I find fit on him. On the other hand, I try to post a candid solo souvenir shot for my birthday. We don't normally do this and find it strange people looking on us. But  as an experienced to reminish sometime. I know we'll both giggle when we look back at these time.

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  1. Aww you two are adorable! And I love that dress :)

  2. aw looks like you had a great birthday ;D


  3. aww happy birthday hon!! you and your hubby are so adorable!! i hope you got that striped colorblock dress because it looks AMAZING on you!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! So glad you got to spend the day shopping! The window displays look great and I hope you did get that striped dress.


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