Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Over the Weekend

Hi to all! How's your weekend so far? I have been busy for the past few days due to long weekend. Our house is full pack now and for that reason alone I don't have the chance to blog. Kids and hubby (our spoiler) are all present and that makes this long weekend extra special. As an addition my birthday is coming up too! So thrilled! For the meantime let me give you a photo peak of what's up on us over the weekend.

So now the youngest taught by her big bro to play. Another  one "player" on the making! sigh.
Took this little a lot  of tokens just to satisfy herself swing by Snoopy and look at those smile in her face, I think she's well satisfied with the situation
Everytime my daughters are together,  My eldest are always asked by some  if  my little was her daughter . She just say no with courtesy.:) These two are like twins  in all their gestures and so close to each other too! I love them more for that reason. 
I thought I just won a lotto when I bring home my  newly bought  coffee beans! I've been out of coffee for  days  and  I  thought I'll be getting sick. Drinking and  smelling the aroma while it brews makes me happy and always looking forward to spent "me time" while sipping. This should be useful reason  now for me to stock one before I came empty handed. 
Having dry and sensitive skin type, hand cream is one skincare that I can't leave without. I tested some from The Face Shop and the almond hand cream / lotion is a winner. I'm thinking of trying tomato soap too, does any one of you tried that? 
A new addition. Found a good read for less the price. So now my little and I are more excited read this book before going to bed. 

My first blog giveaway is still going on! You can read more about it here.                                            


  1. Sounds like you had a busy day, Mama!
    Tomato soap? I haven't heard about it before and would like to try it.
    Advance Happy Birthday!

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  3. Aww have a great time bonding with the family. I've been a little absent from the blogging world last week too after my husband came home. Your little ones are so precious. I love her sitting in that plane.

    xx Jenee C.http://camomeetscouture.blogspot.com


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