Thursday, August 9, 2012


Almost all gals that I've known are fascinated with shoes. As most of you know that I am a wedge and flats user, but it does not stop me to admire seeing woman who wear high heels. Why is it they are beautiful to look at? Though I admit, I only have two pairs of this kind in my closet.The urge for me to purchase doesn't stop or not even subside, adding that I see so much of it that looks good in my eyes. I am 5' flat , though I love wearing flats I also like to see myself  adding height. Atleast height can be bought whenever I want to add an inch. However, lifestyle is a key word why it stops me from purchasing  and comfort is an important word that makes up my mind to have more. But sometimes dealing with your cravings feels good to overcome, so I think why not go with it sometimes. (and becomes a hoarder! too bad! lol) Wearing heels looks good but it takes painful in some point. Do some of you dealing with this kind too? Any recommendations aside from the photos below? I love to hear your thoughts.

Michael Kors Sandals                                   Vera Wang Pumps
Juicy Couture Peep Toe Pumps                 Sergio Rossi Nude Platform Pumps 

As I am truly impress when I see woman who has impeccable style, and yes wearing high heels most of the time. Jenee is one of those pretty woman and a mom that I adore looking at. Fierce in all her photos shoots and most of all, confident wearing those heels. To see most of her, you can visit her blog here.



  1. love this post!!! i'm an obsessive high heels.. specifically stiletto collector.. and it's a bad habit.. because i definitely don't wear them as much as i would like to.. but i force myself to wear my stiiletto's atleast twice a week.. to justify them hahaha :p i love the michael kor's sandals those are super cute! 

  2. Aww you're so sweet! I do love my heels. I'm 5'1 and feel so out of place when I don't have my heels on. I think it not only adds height, but also adds confidence.  I love your picks, those Juicy Couture sandals are a little different, I like it! 

    xx Jenee C.

  3. totally agree -- i am always impressed when women can teeter around in only heels especially in the city! i actually own the juicy couture heels in this post and i do recommend them. they are very sturdy and actually surprisingly comfortable. however they are a littttle higher than they seem and can take some getting use to -- but they go with so many things and are definitely a statement shoe! let me know what you decide! i love those michael kors sandals too :) xo

  4. lovely picks! love the MK nude ones!

    wish you a fantastic & fashionable weekend

    kisses dear


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