Saturday, August 4, 2012

Forzieri Italia

I find this machine helpful and functional and will inspire me more to have a cup of coffee. Isn't it inspiring to use adorable accessories at home? My pieces starts when I got married, from then on I'm always in love and attracted to beautiful home and kitchen gadgets as well as to cooking. I'm more inspired to cook or do something in the kitchen when I use those kind. When I'm away, my day out will not be complete if I'm not able to visit my favorite home and kitchen store. It's a simple way to make my day. I love to serve my family and friends  with a plating that feels like they  dine out in a restaurant , cafe shop, or even a hotel feel. But the truth is, we  only eat at home.That's one of my interest that I can't  bear, call it an addiction but I'm happy with it.

I find these kitchen and dining pieces from Forzieri Italia, and are now on my wishlist. I have so many home and kitchen finds  but these are only few of my picks. They do ship worldwide and  offer free US shipping for a certain  minimum amount. 

Best to serve pastries in the same mug tray Spigarelli Sunflower Ceramic mug and tray
A cute heart shape  Alessi stainless steel coffee spoon 
I love the shape of this assorted Fruit colored glass bowl
A nice server cup  with herbal / tea filter. Spigarelli Poppy ceramic cup
Alessi stainless steel mug  with blue color handle

Forzieri Italia, True Fashion, True Style, True Luxury.

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  1. I couldn't agree more, cute gadgets make spending time in the kitchen so much more fun. I love those heart shaped spoons so much! I think I should get them for myself for Christmas!

    xx Jenee C.


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