Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday Post + Shopping Treat

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post. I appreciate it a lot! As a kid and up to these day, celebrating my birthday is the happiest part of my life aside from thinking of the coming of Christmas season. Maybe it's the positive vibes that into it. I could say I have kid at heart and I love that kind of emotion. We had a simple family day but a meaningful one. Sometimes simple celebration makes it more special as long as the people whom you love and loves you back are always there beside you. 

We had pizza party, doughnuts, fruit shakes pearls with nata that kids requested. So we left the restaurant fully loaded. It's once in a while celebration so there's no restricted food. Bad carb is very much welcome! *gasp*  On the other hand, in generosity of hubby, he let me picked what I want on my birthday.  I know we're on a budget that's why I don't shop much. I am thankful to buy what I only needed. There's time in once life  that it has ups and downs that you can't able to buy lux things. For me that time is NOW. 
I wear this old H&M dress from last year purchase. Sorry if I mislead you in my last post. I also tried to fit some too but only hubby was the one I took a shot with wearing the top he tried on.
Son2 will kill me if he sees this photo. He requested me not to post it but I decided to add along. Sometimes this type of photo brings back how happy the moment was.

I only include  a photo of Coach patent wristlet that I have in the mail early of this month. I love to add "her" as one of my birthday present too! :)

As to grant my request to celebrate at the mall of asia where my family and I usually go and to be near the bay where we can unwind and walk at night. Both hubby and I just sit and drink coffee while looking at our kids playing. It's the most beautiful scenery that always be reminded of our happy times as a family. I know today up to the day my kids grown up, these place will have a soft spot in their lives with the memories of their childhood and our family as a whole, as it is to me.                                   
A lady here celebrated her special day with  lots of memories that has been made. She would look back at those happy times as the greatest blessing that life given to her. My birthday will never be the same again without my family whom I  love so much. MY LIFE.

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  1. these pictures are beyond adorable!! it is ok to splurge here and there right, it sure sounds like you deserve it!


  2. aipmilo.blogspot.comAugust 31, 2012 at 11:35 PM

    Happy Birthday :) U look very fresh and pretty in this colorful dress. And little Lady in leopard dress is so cute :) kisses from Poland

  3. Thank you and thanks for dropping by.:)

  4. So glad to see you had a great birthday. You have such a gorgeous family, I love those uncandid photos. Great selection of birthday presents for yourself too.

    xx Jenee C.


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