Friday, August 24, 2012


Hello! Sorry for the late post. I've been sleepy yesterday and taught it's not the perfect time to write. Aside from that, I still have a hang over about what happened on my birthday too so I just put a laid back atmosphere to go on with  my happy mood. We finished celebrating my birthday until wee hours in the morning. Will post photos soon. For the meantime, I took a day off on domestic chores and have a day out with my daughter. It was a wonderful moment to go out a day before my birthday. A mother and daughters treat and a girl bonding as  we both call it.

Pampering is one thing that I'm always looking forward to do. To cut away stress and to rejuvenate mind and body. What I love most in all types of selection is the Spa treatment. A whole body massage , facial, an anti aging foot and hand spa. A paraffin treatment for hands and feet that do wonders for my dry prone skin . I also read from one article before that an hour of body massage is equivalent to eight (8) hours of sleep. No wonder that all who regularly do this routine  have a healthier body and a relaxing mind. One way or another I'm being told that wellness also helps a person to look fresh and young looking. How I wish I could do the massage on a weekly basis to benefit.*sigh*  It feels heaven!

My picks as I Instagram about it a few days ago 

Try to shop for some clothes  that will  fit my closet for the current season.It takes some time since I last do my shopping and i'm an inch bigger from my previous size now. I think it also depends on  the cut. I find some who still fits on my previous size. Sometimes this is my fuss ordering on line.
While doing facial treatment ,photo shot by my daughter
My daughter preferred hand and foot scrub service
A satisfied customer as always
Jenille finish earlier than I am. Found her  waiting at the reception. Sorry sweet that I've taken too long.
A quick  shot. Sorry for the messy hair, I forgot to  fix my hair before  going out of  the room.  
I think this looks a little better.
Storing supplies for a weekly at home face mask. Skincare is really "my thing". As I always say that  i love the  the result it does to my skin,  the cooling effects is an add on that helps me freshen up from a tiring day.

My GIVEAWAY is still on ! Thanks to all who entered, for those who doesn't you can read it here


  1. aww love!!! you and your daughter look more like sisters!!! hahaha.. i love that you guys were getting pampered together and both wearing stripes!! I LOVEE face shop masks :)!!! lucky you have that within easy access have to order them online!! ARGH!

  2. Both of you are wearing stripes, did you plan it? I loved these photos, your daughter is gorgeous just like her mama. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, can't wait to see more pics.

    xx Jenee C.

  3. cool!!! i love these photos!

    xoxo from rome


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