Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday Post + Shopping Treat

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post. I appreciate it a lot! As a kid and up to these day, celebrating my birthday is the happiest part of my life aside from thinking of the coming of Christmas season. Maybe it's the positive vibes that into it. I could say I have kid at heart and I love that kind of emotion. We had a simple family day but a meaningful one. Sometimes simple celebration makes it more special as long as the people whom you love and loves you back are always there beside you. 

We had pizza party, doughnuts, fruit shakes pearls with nata that kids requested. So we left the restaurant fully loaded. It's once in a while celebration so there's no restricted food. Bad carb is very much welcome! *gasp*  On the other hand, in generosity of hubby, he let me picked what I want on my birthday.  I know we're on a budget that's why I don't shop much. I am thankful to buy what I only needed. There's time in once life  that it has ups and downs that you can't able to buy lux things. For me that time is NOW. 
I wear this old H&M dress from last year purchase. Sorry if I mislead you in my last post. I also tried to fit some too but only hubby was the one I took a shot with wearing the top he tried on.
Son2 will kill me if he sees this photo. He requested me not to post it but I decided to add along. Sometimes this type of photo brings back how happy the moment was.

I only include  a photo of Coach patent wristlet that I have in the mail early of this month. I love to add "her" as one of my birthday present too! :)

As to grant my request to celebrate at the mall of asia where my family and I usually go and to be near the bay where we can unwind and walk at night. Both hubby and I just sit and drink coffee while looking at our kids playing. It's the most beautiful scenery that always be reminded of our happy times as a family. I know today up to the day my kids grown up, these place will have a soft spot in their lives with the memories of their childhood and our family as a whole, as it is to me.                                   
A lady here celebrated her special day with  lots of memories that has been made. She would look back at those happy times as the greatest blessing that life given to her. My birthday will never be the same again without my family whom I  love so much. MY LIFE.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Some shots that I capture on the day of my birthday. I try to sort photos so  I could share more. Hopping from one store to the other, I choose the shade of red family attractive for some pieces that I find. There's also a variety of stripes that has a beautiful color combination that I find amazing too. Rainy season started more than a couple of months ago but I noticed that shorts is still a fashion finds in almost all the retail store that I visited, mix with great blazer, cardigan or jacket. Tropical country it is! 
Forever 21
Bayo - a well known local retail shop

We had fun time going to retail store and tried on new arrivals from the season. I took a shot here as hubby go out from the fitting room . He tried  gray long sleeves that I find fit on him. On the other hand, I try to post a candid solo souvenir shot for my birthday. We don't normally do this and find it strange people looking on us. But  as an experienced to reminish sometime. I know we'll both giggle when we look back at these time.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend: Our Sunday

How's your weekend so far? Ours revolves to eating, window shopping and waiting at the university as a full force support to son1 scheduled college entrance test. Glad that hubby is around so going with the family for two hours drive is not a problem at all.Time flies so fast! By next year I do have two college students, and- two more to go!

University of Sto Tomas entrance examination test (ustet ) scheduled their first batch of examinees yesterday. Son1 is one of those.
Eyeing for these table and chair. I'm on a look out for a work table that's on a friendly budget and particularly white color
These wide chair / bench type is great for Porch or Lanai. Perfect  place while on a  reading mood  while drinking coffee or tea.
I find these six seater wood dining table beautiful. Simple with clean lines. The black detailing adds more appeal . But if  not too much to ask it's more appropriate for us  to have wider table. however, the design is well love.
Sunday will never be the same without the  food market.  
while waiting, the kids are playing and talking out load 
Eating their favorite gummy bears. My little eat a mouthful of these. She will eat fast until she runs out her pack then getting what belongs to her bro and sis.*sigh*
Near the parking  lot while waiting for son1, son2 took this shot.

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Friday, August 24, 2012


Hello! Sorry for the late post. I've been sleepy yesterday and taught it's not the perfect time to write. Aside from that, I still have a hang over about what happened on my birthday too so I just put a laid back atmosphere to go on with  my happy mood. We finished celebrating my birthday until wee hours in the morning. Will post photos soon. For the meantime, I took a day off on domestic chores and have a day out with my daughter. It was a wonderful moment to go out a day before my birthday. A mother and daughters treat and a girl bonding as  we both call it.

Pampering is one thing that I'm always looking forward to do. To cut away stress and to rejuvenate mind and body. What I love most in all types of selection is the Spa treatment. A whole body massage , facial, an anti aging foot and hand spa. A paraffin treatment for hands and feet that do wonders for my dry prone skin . I also read from one article before that an hour of body massage is equivalent to eight (8) hours of sleep. No wonder that all who regularly do this routine  have a healthier body and a relaxing mind. One way or another I'm being told that wellness also helps a person to look fresh and young looking. How I wish I could do the massage on a weekly basis to benefit.*sigh*  It feels heaven!

My picks as I Instagram about it a few days ago 

Try to shop for some clothes  that will  fit my closet for the current season.It takes some time since I last do my shopping and i'm an inch bigger from my previous size now. I think it also depends on  the cut. I find some who still fits on my previous size. Sometimes this is my fuss ordering on line.
While doing facial treatment ,photo shot by my daughter
My daughter preferred hand and foot scrub service
A satisfied customer as always
Jenille finish earlier than I am. Found her  waiting at the reception. Sorry sweet that I've taken too long.
A quick  shot. Sorry for the messy hair, I forgot to  fix my hair before  going out of  the room.  
I think this looks a little better.
Storing supplies for a weekly at home face mask. Skincare is really "my thing". As I always say that  i love the  the result it does to my skin,  the cooling effects is an add on that helps me freshen up from a tiring day.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's my Birthday!

Finally it's today! It's official that I'm 39 years old now! urgh.:) One more year to go and my age starts with number 4 nay! Maybe next year I should post; it's my birthday today without my age on the last part haha! I don't know the main reason but I'm always thrilled when my birthday is coming up. I know guys I'm overacting to feel like this at this point but I can't help the excitement everytime. Maybe I have so many emotions lost in my life growing up and my birthday is something to look forward  to think of happy thoughts. Life is a blessing anyway so I'm fond and thankful of celebrating one more added year in my life.

I made this blueberry yogurt cheesecake last night as my kids request and as my personal choice too! ( kids alone can't be an excuse!lol ) For now I still have long day to celebrate, we'll see what more the day will bring to me. At these moment I'm  so happy!

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Over the Weekend

Hi to all! How's your weekend so far? I have been busy for the past few days due to long weekend. Our house is full pack now and for that reason alone I don't have the chance to blog. Kids and hubby (our spoiler) are all present and that makes this long weekend extra special. As an addition my birthday is coming up too! So thrilled! For the meantime let me give you a photo peak of what's up on us over the weekend.

So now the youngest taught by her big bro to play. Another  one "player" on the making! sigh.
Took this little a lot  of tokens just to satisfy herself swing by Snoopy and look at those smile in her face, I think she's well satisfied with the situation
Everytime my daughters are together,  My eldest are always asked by some  if  my little was her daughter . She just say no with courtesy.:) These two are like twins  in all their gestures and so close to each other too! I love them more for that reason. 
I thought I just won a lotto when I bring home my  newly bought  coffee beans! I've been out of coffee for  days  and  I  thought I'll be getting sick. Drinking and  smelling the aroma while it brews makes me happy and always looking forward to spent "me time" while sipping. This should be useful reason  now for me to stock one before I came empty handed. 
Having dry and sensitive skin type, hand cream is one skincare that I can't leave without. I tested some from The Face Shop and the almond hand cream / lotion is a winner. I'm thinking of trying tomato soap too, does any one of you tried that? 
A new addition. Found a good read for less the price. So now my little and I are more excited read this book before going to bed. 

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