Monday, July 9, 2012

What I am Loving Right Now

These days I attempt not to browse much on the internet as I am on the saving mode or as you may say, "thrifting time ". I think I indulge much for a year or two and  realized I have to purchase what is needed first and lessen what I want. So I am abstaining myself not to browse much to lessen the temptation or I might fall again hehe.Hope you know what I mean, the more time you browse on something the eagerness you want to this what you call addiction? oh well...

On the contrary, hubby and I have some talks regarding moving or staying in our home now. I am in love with our city and don't want to move to another place as much as possible. It is hard to adjust to a place new to you, the surroundings and all and I also consider my kids thoughts about it.So if there is any progress regarding this I am sure to share it with you.

This is one TEMPTATION i am telling you about :) My friend asked me to visit a site  to see her order and  saw this kate spade two in one bag. urggh! some of you know that i'm a big fan of bright colors and I am trembling on this one-but still i am on the abstaining part. can i make it or not? let's see.:)
as a fan of leopard print i love this iphone case which have added color on the side-it's pink!<3
Love the freebies  from department store and good toiletries  from a hotel. Yes! I stock on those lol and you?
One of my favorite cosmetic purchase. will reveal to you soon! This will need another post.
One i am  working on, herbs and  little veggie garden. still eyeing for them to grow

So gurls is there a time that you lessen your purchases or freeze for it perhaps? Are you able to abstain or fall into temptation still? Any tips?

                                                  Have a great week ahead!


  1. I always have to put a hold on spending when tuition is due, lol! I wish they had a leopard iPad case...I need one!

  2. Right on tuition season spending , that's a  mother's purchase crisis lol.  Wish you luck on hunting a leopard ipad case. Will look forward to that!

  3. it´s great!

  4. That orange bag is really cute!  I love the style and also the iphone case :)  What a great set of finds and yes I stock up on great quality hotel toiletries. 

  5. Perfectioninprogress3July 11, 2012 at 8:30 PM

    That bag is so chic. :)


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