Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vintage Pieces

Two days ago I haul my kitchen cabinet to organize things. If you love cooking I know you will agree that it is  inspiring when you have cute or pretty accessories to match with it. I have this fond of buying kitchen accessories and I  make sure that all of them are properly put into place where I can use them more. I have cabinet shortage too so some of my kitchen stuff are still in the box, waiting to have a proper storage. While sorting and cleaning I saw this airpot / thermos of ours that I can't remember when was the last time I ever use. For now I currently using a microwave and electric kettle. To help lower the electric cost, I decided to dust  it off and started using again. 

Funny scenario about this is that the morning my  two sons  tried using this, they ask me  how. OMG what do I do that they did'nt know how to use old fashion thermos. So I think I will use them more now for them to educate.

To tell you honestly I have this awkward feeling of buying second hand stuff or what you call vintage pieces.  Maybe due to culture that I am adopt into. Added that my parents is not also fond of vintage most especially my father who is a half chinese.But I have this side of me who wants old pieces and as what you called old soul. I remember myself seeing my mother using a charcoal heated iron and enjoying doing so until I am on my teenage years.For me it is classic and a part of my childhood.   

I can say I am an expert using it and really enjoy doing so. I think that's the magic when you are raise in  a rural area. You know more about old fashion things- I mean hands on.

Another is using cast iron casserole. My father is a good cook and I remember our memories mostly in the kitchen part of the house. I am his  kitchen helper and his marketer too and for that I know he is a great influence for me to love cooking and to enjoy going to the market.

I remember cooking our rice in this kind. Now my kids only know using rice cooker :(
These two are my great childhood memories. I think a part of my life. The problem is they are found  nowhere in our house now. I know I can purchase cast iron casserole in the market nowadays. But for the charcoal iron, lucky me in this part. I know I can only have them when I purchase them on a vintage shop. The iron is not for daily usage though..duhh hahaha! I think I will make it as an artwork. If I have the chance to go back to the Province I ask some relative if they have this kind still but if not I think I will break my awkwardness and embrace buying on a vintage shop. What do you think?


  1. I have never even seen or heard of a charcoal iron before till now. That's pretty neat. Does it ever get messy? I've been wanting a cast iron pot since my children were born. Great way to get extra iron in their diet, but my husband thinks we don't need it. Boo.. need to convince him more. 

    xx Jenee C.

  2. Jenee Chen I came from  stone age! lol  Regarding charcoal heated iron, It comes neat as long as  you regularly eyeing the ashes so it won't stick on the clothes. Love to think that in one chapter of my life I learned how to used and iron clothes the old fashion way.:)


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