Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Motherhood: On Being Alone

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I have been married for almost twenty years now. gasp. That long. How time flies. When I looked back,  it seems it's only yesterday. I am still young at heart. I assumed.

For some of you knows that I am working since I got married. I remember I really enjoy cooking that is why I love doing that in my free time. Mom is the one taking care of the house when I am away, on and off we have one household helper then. I only did hands on domestic chores  six years ago. when I stop working and my mom passed away. 

When mom is gone that's the turning point to do things on my own. With three kids aging ten, nine  and four. No helper at all. I remember having a hard time doing the laundry. Oh my gosh why is it so hard to do! I don't use automatic washing machine  like front load or top load. Just  twin tub type. The washer is seperate from the dryer. Maybe it's hard cause I am undergoing allergy- a contact dermatitis. So I am using gloves but still it's not an assurance that my hands won't come itchy afterwards. That's my greatest dilemna. I stumble through my adjustment years but through time I overcome the hardship. On the entire six years of being full time mom I encountered four helpers, not lucky to have one who can stay for good. After the last helper  four years ago, I decided to be on my own. Free from stress. ( having a helper is a combination of bliss and stress too ) I find myself having solutions for some chores in the house that put hard on me. For some time now some of our clothes are put in laundry service- a great help to my daily life! Still thinking of having a diswashing machine though.yey! Just thinking of it excites me. To tap it all, in my opinion  being a wife and a mother is a continous learning. No one is an expert. All is base on once experienced. However  I make sure to listen and read side stories. Sometime it's a learning stage. Being a mom and a wife differs from one another. One task is easy for me and not for the others. I can't compare. Every lifestyle is different. In a way I find myself being amazed for some stories, then learned from it. For some I felt inspired and be happy about it. Just a good vibes.

Importantly being a full time mom should not be a hindrance to look good and feel good. I learned to find time for myself, to have me time moment, to relax and unwind. Just be over a cup of coffee or to be with my friends. It's an energy boost. Almost two years ago I  found myself blogging and find it fulfilling. To be on the outside routinary world and gain friends. It helps more. A positive outlet. Being a housewife and a full time mom is a mix of happiness, hardship and fulfillment. 

So, what's your story?  

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  1. Nicely said! It's true, being a mother and a wife are not the same. I can't imagine what it must have been like to have lost your mother. My mum lives on the opposite side of the world to me and yet she still plays such an active role in my kid's lives that it's hard to imagine what it might be like without her. Two of your kids are very close in age, it's like my two girls. Do they fight a lot? Mine are only still little and are already starting to fight over toys. Any tips? Your story is so inspiring, thank you for sharing it. 

    PS- husband = dishwasher haha xx Jenee C.


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