Friday, July 27, 2012

Marks and Spencer Ice Cream


Honestly I am not the common sweet tooth type of gurl who loves and enjoy eating chocolates or ice cream or any sweets in particular. If you  ask me to choose among cake or ice cream I rather choose the first one. Or might be when I want to indulge or crave on ice cream I prefer vanilla flavor, the one with nuts. Two days ago I was invited to go to the launch of  Marks and Spencer ice cream at Greenbelt 5 where they conducted ice cream tasting. I was intrigue what flavors Marks and Spencer will cater among the rest of ice cream brand on the market nowadays. My family is addictive to any sweets and I want them to try the variety of choices that Marks and Spencer ice cream have. Eating ice cream is one bonding moments that my kids and husband loves.

I love doing homemade frozen cheesecake like cookies and cream as well as blueberry cheesecake. I was ecstatic to see that they cater those flavors!The taste is creamy and yummy without the taste of  too much sweets that I always don't love when eating ice cream. So I must say new york blueberry cheesecake, cookies and cream is a great choice. As an add on I also love that they do have strawberry cheesecake flavor.

New York  Blueberry Cheesecake ( sumptuous! )
I bet my kids will love Triple Chocolate, Rocky Road,Caramel Pecan as well as Chocolate Brownie. For complete list of Ice Cream selection visit Marks and Spencer Food section.  

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  1. Jolly Princess .July 28, 2012 at 9:35 PM

    Wow! I love this! My niece and I are planning to go to Greenbelt to watch movie.  I will try this one! I love ice cream. Oh, I am crazy with blueberry cheesecake.. :)


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