Thursday, July 19, 2012


Two years ago I started this blog. A spice of my interest, bits of our life, some fashion and beauty in one. I know there are times that I can't frequently update but I always make sure to write if there's available time in store. This blog taught me so many things and open my eyes in other phase of the world. A part of my fulfillment as a full time mom and a housewife. Thank you for your continous inspiration and to those who leave  sweet comments that makes my day. Thank you too for those who read but did'ntcomment. May we continue to inspire each other. God bless! 

Almost all of you are far from where I live, and if only I can schedule a moment with you guys who gave inspiration to me for the past two years. Maybe there will come a time for that. All is possible, right? My friends are not available until weekend too so as a part of celebrating the day, I schedule myself  for a thai foot massage instead. I took a photo while I'm  having a massage but the light is too dim that  I captured  blurred images. So just to have some  memories of what I did today I have to rely to google image for some similar shot. An hour of santuary.



  1. Congrats luvvy, two years already! I hope you have a fantastic day treating yourself. Tell hubby to come home to continue the pampering lol

    xx Jenee C. 

  2. Kumustaka!!! Hi! I'm good RL friends with Jenee @ camomeetscoture, she suggested that I take a look at your blog because you are also a fellow mommy! I'm glad I did =) Hope we can keep in touch!! Love your blog <3

  3. Congrats! :)

  4. Thanks Jenee! Unfortunately hubby is not around. lol


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