Sunday, July 22, 2012


I found myself  gazing at this arm candy bag when I first saw it at the arms of Minka Kelly, Reese Witherspoon and Heidi Klum. Cult among hollywood celebrities, Givenchy Nightingale have the casual chic and luxurious type of leather that you can wear as an everyday work bag. I  love how the two sides  folded if being hand carried. It added an appeal. The hand and shoulder carry type is a big factor to consider as a main function of the bag too. I am more into bright color kind of handbag but seeing this black Nightingale makes me want to change my mind.   

Close up shot - look at those leather- rich!
Adore this bag even more after seeing how  Reese Witherspoon  toting her Nightingale, casual glam look 
Another neutral color that I'm loving carried by Minka Kelly
Great bag while toting toddler. Here by Heidi Klum  
And on shoulder by Jennifer Garner

Frequent looking at Givenchy Nightingale on fashion bloggers post, magazines and seeing different colors on sites interest me to know more about the details.After that, I saw myself doing a research and taking notes. I hope the information I gather will help you in finding your own piece most especially to those on a current look out for purchasing their very first Givenchy Nightingale.

Types of leather and characteristics:
CALF   has buttery soft  texture,smooth, lightweight , not prone to scratches and slightly sheen              
LAMB  prone to scratches, soft, smooth, matte, most lightweight among all type of nightingale bags
PATENT  soft, shiny , flexible and made from hard leather 
SHEEP     can be matte and can be sheen, lightweight and not prone to scratches, textured leather
BUFFALO  smooth, heavier, with natural wringkling
GOAT        comes from a smooth leather but  not as smooth as the lamb, matte finish and sturdy, don't show            
                   scratches despite being bumped. 
 Also comes in CANVAS type and PHYTON ( Exotic ) 

As an add on note I also learned that  Calfskin Nightingale have the metal hardware on the handles while Lambskin Nightingale have the GG logo. It also come from different sizes too and to note down, 12" length 14" height 6" 1/4 width 4" handle drop and 8" strap drop which is a medium size dimension. Hope it helps.

Givenchy Nightingale is categorized as a classic piece among bag aficionado. Knowing more about the details means worth the splurge. Available thru Luisa Via Roma.

photo credit : google  


  1. Oooo these look like the perfect size too! I want a new black tote. Been looking for ages for one. 

    xx Jenee C.


  3.  Are you going to get it??? ;)

  4. I adore this bag too - very chic and under the radar still. Great pick! 


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