Monday, July 30, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

The ultimate joy of being a housewife for me is to have a beautiful home. Home is a reflection of one's personality and eventhough I must admit I am not that good on decluttering but  I do love  presentable and stylish home. I'm kind of  minimalist too so I want every piece that I own reflects my own persona. And as much as possible every purchase I will make is something that I really like. I love to wait until I own what I really wanted eventhough it will take some time. Are you like that too? It's nice to have what  you really wish for, something that you won't regret in the end. Anyway it's "Your Home, Your Imagination" which is at  stake. 

Just how i love to work in this kind of desk. The style and  neutral color is just perfect to write an article. Add on that it has  drawers for storage. The chair is simple yet elegant looking. Love the cool tone
You can never go wrong with a stylish hanging lamp that put a  statement in one room. A dainty color white  is just perfect to go with my wood furniture and home accessories.
As an addition this vase will add on life to my side table                

Mandaue Foam caters a wide selection from home to office staple.You can visit their website and/or showroom for more. For inspiration you can watch  Mandaue Foam's Newest TV commercial.

Weekend: Style Inspiration

Love to see woman with long wavy hair that's fix effortlessly. As much as to expose sexy legs with some bright color blocking outfit that bringtens up the day. The detail accessories gives an add on beauty as well.    

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Marks and Spencer Ice Cream


Honestly I am not the common sweet tooth type of gurl who loves and enjoy eating chocolates or ice cream or any sweets in particular. If you  ask me to choose among cake or ice cream I rather choose the first one. Or might be when I want to indulge or crave on ice cream I prefer vanilla flavor, the one with nuts. Two days ago I was invited to go to the launch of  Marks and Spencer ice cream at Greenbelt 5 where they conducted ice cream tasting. I was intrigue what flavors Marks and Spencer will cater among the rest of ice cream brand on the market nowadays. My family is addictive to any sweets and I want them to try the variety of choices that Marks and Spencer ice cream have. Eating ice cream is one bonding moments that my kids and husband loves.

I love doing homemade frozen cheesecake like cookies and cream as well as blueberry cheesecake. I was ecstatic to see that they cater those flavors!The taste is creamy and yummy without the taste of  too much sweets that I always don't love when eating ice cream. So I must say new york blueberry cheesecake, cookies and cream is a great choice. As an add on I also love that they do have strawberry cheesecake flavor.

New York  Blueberry Cheesecake ( sumptuous! )
I bet my kids will love Triple Chocolate, Rocky Road,Caramel Pecan as well as Chocolate Brownie. For complete list of Ice Cream selection visit Marks and Spencer Food section.  

with my friend

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's so nice to see beautiful home that will inspire more to go on with the fast phase of life THEN achieve what you call your own. To step back when the right time comes and do the things that matters without minding too much on the things that stresses. A fulfillment.

I'm on Pinterest under account name Audrina Julia. Feel free to leave your account name at the comment section so I can check back yours.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012


I found myself  gazing at this arm candy bag when I first saw it at the arms of Minka Kelly, Reese Witherspoon and Heidi Klum. Cult among hollywood celebrities, Givenchy Nightingale have the casual chic and luxurious type of leather that you can wear as an everyday work bag. I  love how the two sides  folded if being hand carried. It added an appeal. The hand and shoulder carry type is a big factor to consider as a main function of the bag too. I am more into bright color kind of handbag but seeing this black Nightingale makes me want to change my mind.   

Close up shot - look at those leather- rich!
Adore this bag even more after seeing how  Reese Witherspoon  toting her Nightingale, casual glam look 
Another neutral color that I'm loving carried by Minka Kelly
Great bag while toting toddler. Here by Heidi Klum  
And on shoulder by Jennifer Garner

Frequent looking at Givenchy Nightingale on fashion bloggers post, magazines and seeing different colors on sites interest me to know more about the details.After that, I saw myself doing a research and taking notes. I hope the information I gather will help you in finding your own piece most especially to those on a current look out for purchasing their very first Givenchy Nightingale.

Types of leather and characteristics:
CALF   has buttery soft  texture,smooth, lightweight , not prone to scratches and slightly sheen              
LAMB  prone to scratches, soft, smooth, matte, most lightweight among all type of nightingale bags
PATENT  soft, shiny , flexible and made from hard leather 
SHEEP     can be matte and can be sheen, lightweight and not prone to scratches, textured leather
BUFFALO  smooth, heavier, with natural wringkling
GOAT        comes from a smooth leather but  not as smooth as the lamb, matte finish and sturdy, don't show            
                   scratches despite being bumped. 
 Also comes in CANVAS type and PHYTON ( Exotic ) 

As an add on note I also learned that  Calfskin Nightingale have the metal hardware on the handles while Lambskin Nightingale have the GG logo. It also come from different sizes too and to note down, 12" length 14" height 6" 1/4 width 4" handle drop and 8" strap drop which is a medium size dimension. Hope it helps.

Givenchy Nightingale is categorized as a classic piece among bag aficionado. Knowing more about the details means worth the splurge. Available thru Luisa Via Roma.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekend : Style Inspiration

This post is far from what I used to do. This time I want to add some inspirational photos to inspire me more to dress, atleast for once a week post. My picks are all in the comfort side, it's hard to dress up when you have a toddler chasing over. Some photos are in high heels which I really find sexy looking ( and which I'm afraid to try or might I end up kissing the floor lol! ) others on wedge which is a part of my style. Along the road I think it's nice to incorporate some blazer and scarf on todays warddrobe since cold weather is around here for months. How I wish I could do an outfit post but the camera make me! Hope I can overcome this anxiety. However this blog is not about outfit post, right? and I should bear that in mind. ( toinks!)  Happy weekend to all! 


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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Two years ago I started this blog. A spice of my interest, bits of our life, some fashion and beauty in one. I know there are times that I can't frequently update but I always make sure to write if there's available time in store. This blog taught me so many things and open my eyes in other phase of the world. A part of my fulfillment as a full time mom and a housewife. Thank you for your continous inspiration and to those who leave  sweet comments that makes my day. Thank you too for those who read but did'ntcomment. May we continue to inspire each other. God bless! 

Almost all of you are far from where I live, and if only I can schedule a moment with you guys who gave inspiration to me for the past two years. Maybe there will come a time for that. All is possible, right? My friends are not available until weekend too so as a part of celebrating the day, I schedule myself  for a thai foot massage instead. I took a photo while I'm  having a massage but the light is too dim that  I captured  blurred images. So just to have some  memories of what I did today I have to rely to google image for some similar shot. An hour of santuary.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Motherhood: On Being Alone

my life <3

I have been married for almost twenty years now. gasp. That long. How time flies. When I looked back,  it seems it's only yesterday. I am still young at heart. I assumed.

For some of you knows that I am working since I got married. I remember I really enjoy cooking that is why I love doing that in my free time. Mom is the one taking care of the house when I am away, on and off we have one household helper then. I only did hands on domestic chores  six years ago. when I stop working and my mom passed away. 

When mom is gone that's the turning point to do things on my own. With three kids aging ten, nine  and four. No helper at all. I remember having a hard time doing the laundry. Oh my gosh why is it so hard to do! I don't use automatic washing machine  like front load or top load. Just  twin tub type. The washer is seperate from the dryer. Maybe it's hard cause I am undergoing allergy- a contact dermatitis. So I am using gloves but still it's not an assurance that my hands won't come itchy afterwards. That's my greatest dilemna. I stumble through my adjustment years but through time I overcome the hardship. On the entire six years of being full time mom I encountered four helpers, not lucky to have one who can stay for good. After the last helper  four years ago, I decided to be on my own. Free from stress. ( having a helper is a combination of bliss and stress too ) I find myself having solutions for some chores in the house that put hard on me. For some time now some of our clothes are put in laundry service- a great help to my daily life! Still thinking of having a diswashing machine though.yey! Just thinking of it excites me. To tap it all, in my opinion  being a wife and a mother is a continous learning. No one is an expert. All is base on once experienced. However  I make sure to listen and read side stories. Sometime it's a learning stage. Being a mom and a wife differs from one another. One task is easy for me and not for the others. I can't compare. Every lifestyle is different. In a way I find myself being amazed for some stories, then learned from it. For some I felt inspired and be happy about it. Just a good vibes.

Importantly being a full time mom should not be a hindrance to look good and feel good. I learned to find time for myself, to have me time moment, to relax and unwind. Just be over a cup of coffee or to be with my friends. It's an energy boost. Almost two years ago I  found myself blogging and find it fulfilling. To be on the outside routinary world and gain friends. It helps more. A positive outlet. Being a housewife and a full time mom is a mix of happiness, hardship and fulfillment. 

So, what's your story?  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sleek Closet

I remember moving to our house six years ago, the only time for me to realize that I need closet-badly! Not that big space but a small room enough for my BAGS!  I have  typical mindset about closet then and I am not splurging too much on clothes that time too. Maybe because for years, I am just the typical office gurl with a classic type office uniform. Thankfully we have one  wash day and the only time  to style my own. So when I shift from 9/5 job to 24/7 mama, that's the time for me to buy more clothes and  think that's the turning point why I felt the need. I have been wanting to make a closet room for a time now but thinking to have construction while we are in the boat makes me feel tired and somewhat insane! Maybe for now it's better if we can finalize things first  if we are moving  to another house or staying still. Meanwhile here are some inspiring photos I dig as an inspiration.

For bag enthusiast, how do you store your long handle bags? Do you agree to hang your bag  like this photo above? Having problem on storing though since the hook tends to mark on the handle. Any tips?
Love the wallpaper drama. A perfect glam look
How do you find hanging your next to day schedule bag? find it attaractive and inspiring as well. 

I remember having this two type as my entire clothing space. The shoes and bags? oh well they are in another area too.Sad isn't it?                   

This is what you call "aparador" in our term and many still using this kind with innovation in time. I'm using this type up to my teenage years.  This is not the actual picture of what I have before but somewhat similar to this. I hang my clothes on top and the folded ones at the bottom with full size mirror at the front door too. An antique.
And now I have this kind in each room -make the size double  for the hanging clothes .This is the most popular type built in cabinets among the household. So just imagine the lack of space .patience..patience!lol

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two images from google.
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