Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Dream Play Escape

Hello there! Exactly two weeks ago the opening of classes has just begun and it only means that it's back to the original routine. Toys most especially computer gadgets  will be left on the cabinets on weekdays and can only be use on weekends. Aside from these I'm back to dropping son1 and son2 at school. More of helping son2 doing assignments, and assisting the elders on what they need. It will be some run errands from bookstore  and attending some school meetings. While doing my chores at home and attending the needs of my kids on weekdays, it's the perfect time again to wait for the coming of friday or weekends to have some sort of  "me time" alone or with  friend /s. Some sort of rejuvenation. As well as bonding together with kids, eating out or a movie date.  

We have a noise free atmosphere now, or I can say it lessens. So as school season  started it will be me and my little daughter Iya left at home. It's our moment now, most of the time.How I wish I have a space that can be a play room or an outdoor play area, where I can put some of my kids stuff  and not all stuck in our living room. I'm still on the lookout of having an environment of one of these gorgeous indoor and outdoor inspiration  in my own backyard so that my kids will  enjoy more our play time; running, reading playing and eating. 

A dream. play area downstairs and eating,reading area upstairs.
I remember my childhood playing in our neighbors treehouse, it's always a fantastic memories to look back. I hope my kids can enjoy doing so with outdoor play house alone or in a tree house similar to this.
How cute having one room of the house especially made like this, right? a haven for a kid. 

Here's a photo collage of  Iya's activities from the playground, some pictures from the car. I can say she is a very active little girl. 

three photos above from pinterest

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend trip to Lucban Quezon

Hi there! It's been a while and still on my feet here. Last week I have been invited by a good friend for their daughter's christening. It's my first time to go to Lucban Quezon and I am happy to be surrounded with friends so I say yes. We all live in  different places so whenever there's a chance to be together, I make an effort and time to be with them. It's nice to talk to funny things, dance till wee hours, retro memories, talk about kids and parenting as well as updates on what's happening to our lives. Love to see our kids all grown up too and acquainted with each other. I'm also happy to see in person their home which is a mix of modern and classic victorian style. Sad that I was'nt able to snap a shot of the details of the house, maybe I could do it and share with you the next time around. Aside from these, a bonus point to see the beauty of nature and the old architecture of houses. For the first time I was able to see Mt. Banahaw, a real woods that I only saw in the movies, and felt the cool breezy air from a natural ventilation. A different view as what I always see from the city. Great that I was able to share this with my daughters. Again, a new memories for us to reminish. I also want to thank my friends for the invites. Till next time. Have a great week ahead.


Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hi to all! My family members now are all busy watching Miami vs Boston then Pacman and Bradley fight later. Just a quick update on what's happening to me for the past days.Opening of classes starts in less than a week so i try to fix everything for my kids. Have a happy weekend to all!

rare shot of my outfit post
this little gal enjoy waters a lot
not really a pretzel fan but now I'm hooked
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