Thursday, May 10, 2012

What I am loving right now

In summer heat like this ( 36-37.5 degrees ) our favorite activities will go malling, nature tripping and an outdoor activities like swimming. In some point  a vacation trip outside the city for some leisure time and to catch some fresh weather. I know we have a tropical country but this heat somewhat makes me insane! Thanks to the photos below for some inspirations and to some cold drinks that helps me freshen a bit..:)

Summer color blocking dress. Beautiful in my eyes
I just love the style and color of this rebecca minkoff bag.Just thinking about the chain strap though. The floral dress  is a plus!
Starbucks cold drink- green tea frappucino is my fave right now
Some new tea flavors to try 
Strawberry jam and Orange marmalade from Good Shepherd Baguio City.The taste is incomparable among what I've bought from the supermarket. I asked hubby to buy it for me.
A quite time in a cottage and a big tree like this with some cold drinks and a magazine to read makes me happy 
The first time I saw this photo makes me want to have a spacious laundry area,were everything is within reach. Something that you'll look forward to doing the chores again. I believe it's in the nice working space and environment that makes the chores inspirable. Spare me, mom talking here. lol! 
Love the candy color print of this Coach snaphead print tote. I think I find their pieces attractive because of the styles and designs plus they do have available colors to choose from. Being addictive to brights  I think that's the reason why I'm still longing for their pieces while I'm also looking for other brand. but definitely they are favorite.:)

1, 2 and last photo from Pinterest,  remaining all from window of happiness                                 

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