Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Report

Hi to all! Just a little disturb now with my blog. I can't see the published comment by some of you on the articles that I already posted. However I do see it in the comment section in blogger, so don't worry that      I would not able to read it. Hope to fix this as soon as possible. It makes me happy  to read your lovely comments and thank you for spending some time for it.

Anyway  for moms, last weekend was been extra special because of mothers day. I have time to laid back and my family was the one who's dealing with the chores. It's like a day off  for 1-2 days and really have fun with it. Considering to see their effort and affection for me, most especially hubby. It feels great! Prior to Sunday, I have some time with myself  ( oh with me is son 2 by the way ) We eat out and have time to watched Avengers which is long overdue.We have so much fun watching and this movie brings back my childhood memories seeing Hulk again.yay! Aside from this, I have the chance to catch my monthly facial. So glad. I called the day as a pre-mothers day treat. It was an enjoyable night with my son.

On the day itself our celebration is not lavish. Simple yet meaningful. We are all complete and that makes me happy. Again as a treat I have a hair cut, which is then again long overdue. I always keep my hair in a ponytail for  months and I find it boring. Thank God got the chance to see my hair stylist again. At night I have time to relax with a full body massage. The feeling of sanctuary is endless and I felt that my swelling muscle is gone. I felt totally renewed person afterwards. Had a great time.

One busy Sunday shot from our local coffee shop. I waited nearly 30 mins for a frappucino:(
Yummy cinnamon swirl
Walking like a supervisor 
As a treat we bought a character balloon for my sweetie
Shelves that I always love to check out for some new arrivals
New crimson cut stall inside the supermarket that we love to try
I take home some kitchen stuff. Love it! I am also a kitchen accessories addict by the way:)


  1. I am so glad you were able to catch up on your facial and get a hair cut....sometimes just going to the salon makes you feel rejuvenated doesn't it?  Your daughter is sooooo cute :)

  2. cute!!!


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