Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sporty Night

All my kids are interested in sports. Even though my eldest is not involve physically,  she do watch almost anything involving sports. My two son's joined a basketball league in our subdivision as a summer program. I think it 's a good catch up for both of them and a great training to interact with others as well. However as a mom, I sometimes worried about the injury that might  happen to a such physical sport. Along the way, I just support them for the things they want to do. I forgot also to tell that in every play game that they have, their sister is always beside cheering for them. I find it cool.

Apart also of the last month's family activities is the chance to watch for the PBA semi-final game. (philippine basket association )Nice to see my new generation set of players *sigh* not yet that old though lol! My kids enjoyed it a lot so do us couples.After going home they still having  the conversation about it, only means that they enjoy it a lot. Hope we could do it more often. oh and  forgot to tell, our team won- and that makes the night more special!  


Just curious to know, are you or your family perhaps enjoy watching similar games?                                    

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