Friday, May 4, 2012

Handbag Lust

If you are reading my blog from the start you know by then that I am a bag fanatic. I remember my first article is all about it. It was my first Coach handbag that was given to me by hubby as a mother's day gift. Even then I like toting bag and  like purchasing them from mango,zara or the like. I was contented then seeing them in few numbers like candy colors. Until one day,  my favorite Liz Claiborne pink hobo torn apart. In the next few months or so the others followed. I remember myself crying when it happened. I can say that I am attached and they gave me happiness. It's  sad most especially if you have favorites, right?  So when I got my Coach, that is the time that I decided to invest on a much durable material that could last for years. An investment I must say. I don't want to see them again torn apart. I want my succeeding purchases  be use by my two daughters in more years to come.

In line with this the considering factor that I normally do when hitting the bag is; COLOR  I 'm attracted to brights but for some reason I find neutral color appealing. MATERIALS  most of my bags are a mix of jacquard, canvas,nylon and leather. Base on what I have now, I find leather beautiful and can last a long time. SIZE because I'm petite, I prefer medium but  I find large tote very useful. STYLE now I like to list first and took a glance of my closet to know if I really need one. It really doesn't matter if I have repetition as long as it suits me.cross body and tote bags are my favorite. LIFESTYLE don't want  a bag that will only stuck in my closet and won't be use. I want to enjoy every minute of using them even though it makes me happy to see them lining in my closet. It's a different issue. RESEARCH  a purse that will cost you that much is entitled to this. It is very important. For now, I'm quite disappointed that two of my handbag wishlist had been crossed out. Due to some sources that gave negative thoughts, it's hard to invest your $ ( php ) if it's not worth it. Considering it came  from a luxury brand, and one of those I'm lusting over.:( For authenticity you can always ask  from purse forum. They are the best on this part and will help you a lot. BUDGET is important. Always deal with this. As much as possible to buy within your budget, to get away from financial trouble. Cash for some reason is the best way to purchase, not unless you're good in handling credits. It's a personal choice.

Below are some pieces that's good in my eye sight *sigh* and *sigh* They are inspiration for me. If money will not be an issue, I want to have them in my closet. Any insights from the photos? 

Chloe marcie bag
Tods d styling bag
LV tivoli pm

For some of you who's particular and already have a bag that's durable thru test of time, would you mind giving some advice which to go to a $1,000- $ 1,500 budget? What's your favorite piece in your closet?

Happy weekend! 

Images from pinterest, thebaghagdiaries,google,theblondesalad                                                  


  1. Hello Audrina!  Well $1K to $1500 is still a very good price point for a handbag and you can get the LV Tivoli PM for that price.  I personally would suggest getting a Tod's.  I have 2 of their bags and they are the most sturdy and well made bags I've purchased.  I have several from Gucci which are great quality as well and Ferregammo is excellent!  The only thing I don't like about LV monogram canvas is that when you first get it, the natural leather is untreated so it picks up any dirt, stain, and oil and the lather shows the wear instantly.  Good luck with your choice....I'll be starting my handbag collection series net readers asked to see my entire collection of 30+ handbags. :)

  2. i think these are really great points -- so often i get charmed by a bag that i only use for one season, leaving me with a closet of bags i can't stand. but lately i've been sharing your mindset and i truly believe investing in a great bag that you will love for a lifetime is much better than buying a hundred trendy items. although i do not have a 1000 + bag at the moment, i think that if you really love it theres no harm in treating yourself!! love all of your choices -- i've been eyeing that celine myself ;) i'm excited to see if you decide to splurge on one of these beauties! xoxo

    1. Thanks Diana for sharing your insights and I believe that there's nO harm in getting what you want as long as it will makes you happy.

  3. @Bravoerunway For a few months now,Tods is one option I had in mind. I heard and read good things about their good craftmanship and your review will be a great add on. I'll keep in my mind too everything about LV tivoli. 
    Great to know you'll be having handbag series! consider me  "in".

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