Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beauty Ritual

Have you found the holy grail in your skincare? I always admire a person who have great skin. The one who has pinkish, glowing, even tone and pore free face. Anyway who wanted to have a sagging face, right? They say genetics can be a great part for having a nice glow and less wrinkle build up, but  maintaining the looks through skincare of your choice is a great factor to combat skin aging too. As far as I know, they say that Asian are the least to age faster and lucky me in that sense. However I also do my best to take care of my skin. What's the research says is only a plus bonus for an Asian like me. I remember then seeing my parents who undergo with their beauty regimen morning and night, not to call vain but just taking care of their skin. So I was told by my mother to do so, she says the earlier the better the result. I remember using a mild facial wash when I was younger and toner when I'm on my teen years. I just use moisturizer in my 20's and later on an anti aging  creams, up to these day. When I hit 30, later on I  knew that at age 25 anyone can use an anti aging products for ultimate result.*sigh* Now I am a sucker of anti aging products.

For sometime I have tried and tested several products from cheaper cream  to an investing amount of cream .To know what these products can do. I wanted to have a cream that I can replenish anytime and not fussing about the price tag every time I purchase. Honestly being a mother of four, sometimes it's hard to pay for a  php 3-4k worth of moisturizer about ($90 ) and php 2,500 ( $60 ) worth of eyecream for a 2-3 months usage. But I think these can't be the reason for anyone to deprive themselves to look good, am I right? That's the reason why I opted to find product worthy  that is on a cheaper range but giving a good benefit to my skin. However if on a budget I also love to lavish myself with the creams I used when I'm still single, the result is always worth it. So the list of my beauty regimen goes to: 
                                                        - Toner -           am & pm
                                                        - Moisturizer      am & pm
                                                        -Eye cream        am & pm 
                                                        -Facial Mask     once a week
                                                        -Sunblock          am & pm or as needed

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Advance eye night repair, Loreal revitalift eye, The Faceshop wrinkle stop, Estee lauder timezone ( not in photo  clinique all about eyes rich. ) I generously put eye cream on my eye contour area as this part is the most prone for wrinkles and crows feet.
Estee Lauder Timezone, Loreal Revitalift moisturizer, Olay   total effects ( not in photo etude house  royal jelly  cream, Clinique super defense spf 25 )
The face shop face mask, vit. a, vit. c, co q10, collagen and pearl. Love to use these  straight from the freedge for soothing and cooling effect. I use one pack once a week. It's all an anti ageing mask, it make the skin firms and glow except for the pearl -it 's for whitening, to even out skin tone )

Product review: 

Base on my usage, Estee lauder and clinique absorbs well on face after application. So I love to use them most especially when I'm doing my make up afterwards. The facial contour is well maintain, the skin is glowing in luminousity and the lines are reduce. For eye cream with the same brand it firms, the lines are less visible, the eye contour looks like you always have a good 8 hours sleep, so healthy looking. I love how the clinique all about eyes magically do to diminish my under eye bag circle, so love the result. All five star for me. If budget is not an issue I wanted to have these products replenish at my vanity table every time. Product worthy I must say.:) 

On the other hand Loreal revitalift, Olay total effects and etude house royal jelly cream maintains the facial contour, smoothens the skin but lacks on luminous glow as what I saw from the result of the first product mention.On wrinkles, fine lines are less visible.I love how these products  prevents the sagging of the skin importantly on facial contour area.The face shop wrinkle stop eye cream firms and prevents wrinkles,but does not help to diminish under eye circle and does not absorb quickly. My rate is 3.5 star.

These products serves me very well. So what are your skincare must have? What are your own holy grail?  If there's any, would you mind to share? I would love to know.                                                 


  1. I have really sensitive skin so just like you I like to use Clinique as well.  Clarins is also the other line I frequently use, and I tone, 2x a day, use eye cream, wrinkle serum, and brightening cream.  In fact, I am heading to Nordstrom for their 1/2 yearly sale to stock up on my skin care :)  

  2. Glad to know more about you through your skincare.  Love your routine too. I wasn't able to try Clarins yet but heard good feedbacks  from their line.:)

  3. thefaceshop is cool right? :) love all your products!

  4. lovely beauty products, I don't even use that much :)
    would you like to follow each other?Axx


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