Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm Back!

Hey sweeties! How are you all? It's been a long absence I made here and do hope for your understanding. If I could only tell all what's happening here, however adjusting to a toddler from almost 8 years apart makes hard on me in some point plus doing almost all the chores most especially the hill look alike laundry :( and not having a husband - physically always by your side to get some inspiration on, urgh!-well that goes the song ..I'm not a superwoman! lol!:) On the contrary I know you can relate that less working hours infront of the computer means having more time to bond with your kids and yourself - and that's what we did! But as always when it's in your routine, you miss it. That's why I'm here now, again, writing and documenting what's happening in my life with people around me. However in some point my post is the only one stuck, I'm regularly tweeting via audrinajulia and on instagram via WindowofHappiness if some of you want to have an update and want to check out.:) Try to comment below what's your username on those site and will catch up on you guys. I know I followed some of you there.I also want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for commenting in my last post and dropping by to say hello. So sweet of you to do that and I really appreciate it a lot.:)

By the way the photos inserts are some that I gathered when husband is here and we have our family outing. Will post more soon some snaps and pieces. Have a great weekend to you all and God bless! 

Favorite Starbucks store when heading North
Tea time to refresh from heat-we're having 36 degrees down here gosh!
Tropical Atmosphere
Love this cottage
Learning how to swim with the help of daddy
Nice try baby!
opps your heading where?
Father and daughter having a great time
she wanted it to look stolen shot
...and again..
one and only photo together
doing solo
..and it's sunset
Her fave-go-to - my belongings!

Again another worthy time with family has been done. Till next time folks.                                                      


  1. what beautiful photos! instagram use? potremoseguirci them if you like! My nickname issarabucchi!a kissthanks for the comment!

  2. Adorable pics! :)


  3. You and your whole family look so beautiful! Stay cool, it sounds so warm and nice there though :)


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