Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi there!It's been a month since I made my last entry. Been crazy taking care of my youngest. she gets so much time and attention at her age. She's been going up and down the stairs, breaking glasses and plates that will cause me now to replenish, enjoying playing her toys- then later on be scatterred all over the floor,( her books as well ) and sleeping late at night! Just imagine how demanding she is!Oh toddlers!-but I'm enjoying the pressure at the same time, eventhough I must admit, sometimes it's hard.I just keep telling myself that this phase of her life will pass and I can't bring back those from her childhood ,so better yet enjoy the moment. Though there are times that you want to cry. Iknow some hands-on -mom like me who experienced the same can relate to what I'm going thru.But what I love most in our daily activities is her humor that makes me laugh, or how we giggle together.Most of the times when she fall asleep,I just can't help myself to tooked a photo of her..what a baby.By then that will be the chance that I can do my housework, do some tweeting and reading some post.I think this is really the essence of motherhood.The bond that you experienced each day that make you smile, cry for having some stressful moment,and cry as a tears of joy, But most importantly the LOVE is pouring each day for both of us. That's what matter most.


  1. She is so cute in that upside down party hat. (lol) Welcome back to the blogging world.  :)

  2. She's so cute!
    Hehe.. I can pinch her cheeks?! LOL!


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