Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Handbag Resolution

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! January talks, resolution can be read here and there. What I wanted mine is what I know  I can stick for the whole year through-and that includes-HANDBAGS! For the last two years I was very fortunate to buy handbags that I wanted and that includes my first love, LV SPEEDY 30 as what I call my fab purchase.:) These time along, I want to be more accurate with what I want and think of saving some for the bank and also planning of a one time vacation with the family, maybe local or abroad before the year ends..Oh sounds so good!:) 

Last purchase for 2011 Gift to self
So as a reminder, here's my list:

1. Set my goal on my next purchase. 
2. On purchasing think if I really need it.  

3. Research..research on the brand or style of the bag.
4. Most importantly know the weight of the  bag. My MK large logo signature tote is pretty but oh girl she's heavy as empty. I just don't know how can I carry her full pack.:( I hope BALENCIAGA is lighter, Any tips, please! )
5. Lastly, purchase what I know will fit my lifestyle.:)

SO what's your resolution for 2012? Any piece to share? WISH YOU all the best!


  1. hey, you! thanks so much for saying HI! hope you had a wonderful holiday season with the family! i knowMK bags have such great hardware on them, but it does make the bag really heavy! i'd love to have a balenciaga myself!! i will stay in touch...thank you!


  2. Happy NY! Beautiful bag, I can't wait to see what you add in 2012 :)


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