Sunday, December 4, 2011

Coffee Aficionado

As my header looks like, you will know that I love COFFEE as I love buying and browsing BAGS. I like drinking tea nowadays but my PASSION for coffee remains. For many years now, I'm using the espresso maker ( oven top) and  gave me satisfaction in  drinking my coffee every morning, afternoon, evening or sometimes at the middle of the is that? Is that what you call addiction? Anyway in line with this, I think it's about time that I will elevate my coffee maker to second step and give my favorite here.. a vacation - but not a retirement I think.:)


I've been reading and researching brands and products that will suit my budget,taste and lifestyle. I must say, drinking coffee is one thing that brought me and hubby closer, it's one of our favorite bonding moment. Going back , I make a selection on dual purposes. The one I can use on ground coffee, ESE ( easy serving espresso ) or soft pod. I also included one choice of drip coffeemaker on my list.

Krups XP5220 Precise Tamp Pump Espresso Machine
Krups XP3200 Opio Pump Boiler Espresso
Capresso Cafe' Espresso and Cappucino Machine
10 Cup Cuisinart Brew Central Coffeemaker Kit


I know lots of you, aside from buying at your favorite coffee shop also have own machine at home. Now I'd like to know what's your using? I'm into traditional coffee at home and love to order Cafe Latte or Cafe Americano when I'm out. Speaking of coffee beans, I tried so many from Starbucks and now retain  my order to Italian Roast. I heard illy taste good, ( dying to taste one from good feedbacks that I've read and heard ) can you suggest it too? I think aside from knowing  you all in terms of your FASHION SENSE, now I like to know you deeper in terms of  your COFFEE FAVORITES. ..Thanks for reading!:)                                                


  1. I like coffee too but usually just get mine at Starbucks - hope you find the perfect maker! 

  2. I'm not a coffee drinker. I only drink hot choco.
    But, my husband just bought a percolator and he said it is
    much better that the coffee maker.

  3. which is more popular espresso or latte?


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