Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moms Break Time

HI to all! It's been quite a while, been busy for the past weeks, semestral break and all the holidays. Hubby is on vacation plus the kids had no classes so we had a great time as family. Plus I always look forward for time like this - I have the chance to be out with my friends again. An amazing feeling to EAT and to LAUGH tremendiously, feeling stress free for a while, an unwinding moment. So this post will first goes with them.

IT'S MY bestie's birthday and I'm glad that we able to meet again. It's really hard to schedule our meet-ups cause we live across the city and we have almost the same age of toddlers. LIFE really changes. Before, we can easily go to a place WHEN we want and WHERE we wanted. Now it's not the same because of our kids. But the feeling to have a baby  after seven years gap for me and fourteen years to her is really a blessing and life changing. It takes a lot of  sacrifice-but it's all worth it. So whenever we have a chance to meet, we make the most out of it!

I'm not used in posing but this time we had fun taking photos
After our spa session-both of us feeling renewed again-after all remember what  moms daily chores looks like:)
Tummy full!  this chinese resto has a huge serving!

ALSO after a day or so my friend is in town and had a chance to gather with her family thru dinner. It's quite a short meeting but the chance to be with her and the stories behind all that matters. Great feeling to be out with the persons you treasure in your life. It's a memories that will last and something to SMILE about when you look back. AFTER all, it's nice to think that we all have time together eventhough we have our gray hair. Just letting our children goes malling and we will wait at the coffee shop and do some oldies talk hahahaha! Well that's friends are for. Great to have them in my life.                     



Let me know you gurls! so what do you up too when you gather with your friends? For all moms what's your moment with your friends and bestie's looks like?                                                                                       


  1. Aww you all look beautiful! I rarely get to see my best friend now and we don't even have children...I can't imagine how much tougher it gets after! 

  2. kids really do change things! the time and places we go all revloves around the kids! we do a lot of picnic things outside of restaurants! occasionally we have a night out with just the adults, or we sneak out for a cup of coffee after the kids sleep!

    [oomph.]What's the next line? Help write the story!

  3. Looked like you guys had fun.. your friends are pretty.
    I rarely go out with my friends... they both working :-(


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