Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mommy Talk: Little Gentleman

FOR THE PAST seven years he is my companion in my everyday life. When his siblings is at school, we together making memories every minute of the day. I can say that he is the only one whom I taken care off first as  hands on. As a working mom before, I have somebody to look for my two children and I'm glad that by then, my mom is still with me to guide my two children when I'm not around. My youngest son and I develop a deep relationship through out those years that you almost know his feelings and mood swings in just wink of his eye. A sweet son by nature. It's a blessing as a mom that we able to bond together for years and have a deep connection at those time. Now that my time is almost taken by my youngest child I don't have any problem at all regarding sibling rivalry as they've always asked me. All aspects are explainable and I'm happy about that.

THESE SHOTS are all his idea. He push me to do some "photo shoot" as he call it.  I can't say no cause he is the one who initiate the first move. Photos are shot in the vicinity of  Mall of Asia on All Souls Day, November 2, after we visited my moms place in the cemetery,late night I could say.


Another memories made to cherish for both of us.:)              


  1. Great pictures for great ideas in this blog.
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  2. Nice pose, Big Boy!


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