Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On My List for Holiday

Hi! It's first day of December! I JUST LOVE this season where everyone is busy with the coming holiday. Again, as my tradition every year, this is the time where I shout and post my wishlist for ALL  year round and for the Christmas season as well. I get into consideration that I can't afford to buy what's on my list for Christmas time alone! hahaha! It's so fast! I can't imagine that it's been a year already since the last time I post about this kind.

FOR  ALL gurls out there I hope I can give you some suggestions for gift to self and  for your love. As much as I'm excited to know what's on your list too!

AS FOR ME, well here it goes....

Can't keep my eye on this two! L O V E
Can't decide yet which one-but definitely there will be a winner!
Time to prevent my eye from sun damage

Aside from leopard, a pattern that drool me worthy
To keep me feel good
In the process of researching what kind, but definitely raisin color and regular hardware
Longing for this one for a long time-need to focus on hunting


AND for my vanity table, I like to add a touch of  timeless piece that will give a fabulous look to my perfume bottles.  

faux phyton tray
How lovely to look at :)

                                               1.   YSL Artsy Ring in Turquoise and Fuchsia Chyc Bracelet
                                               2.   Marc by Marc Jacobs Faux Ipad Case
                                                     Michael Kors Black Phyton Ipad Case
                                               3.   Rayban Aviator polarized medium titanium brown lens
                                               4.   Marc by Marc Jacobs faux phyton iphone case
                                               5.   Ms. Dior Cherie edt
                                                     Ralph  Romance Summer Breeze
                                               6.   Balenciaga Raisin RHW
                                               7.   Leopard Flats / wedge
                                               8.   THE ZHUSH -faux phyton tray

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fun and Relaxing Weekend

HI THERE! This post is something to do on how we bond this past few weeks. I take advantage of kids and hubby's recent vacation. We stay in a hotel for two days, an unwinding moment for the kids most especially to me.:) Bonus that the hotel  has a bridge connecting to the mall, what a lovely place to stay at, right? Especially to those of us gurls who want to shop and unwind Thanks that this plan was put to reality the way we expected it to be.

AS A FAMILY we make a memories to remind us how we treasure moments when we are complete. Time flies so fast and I want to cherish the times that we still together in one roof. I'm open to the fact that there will come a time that my kids most especially my two eldest will have a life of their own.  I wanted to remind them thru our bonding times on how WE ENJOY each other. Things that will put them into place if they build A LIFE of their own.

Camera shy no more!
My eldest daughter will turn 17 after a month..sigh
Father & daughter goofin' around
tired baby need to fuel up
Refreshing start
Buffet breakfast

ASIDE from the photos of our vacation escapades one thing that I adore most is the hotel amenities. I'm always in love with big and beautiful bathroom. Added photos is how our room look like.:)


THIS WAS a wonderful week as I look back. Thanks for all of you reading my post and forgive me for uploading so much photos. I just want to document things. Have a great day to all!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mommy Talk: Little Gentleman

FOR THE PAST seven years he is my companion in my everyday life. When his siblings is at school, we together making memories every minute of the day. I can say that he is the only one whom I taken care off first as  hands on. As a working mom before, I have somebody to look for my two children and I'm glad that by then, my mom is still with me to guide my two children when I'm not around. My youngest son and I develop a deep relationship through out those years that you almost know his feelings and mood swings in just wink of his eye. A sweet son by nature. It's a blessing as a mom that we able to bond together for years and have a deep connection at those time. Now that my time is almost taken by my youngest child I don't have any problem at all regarding sibling rivalry as they've always asked me. All aspects are explainable and I'm happy about that.

THESE SHOTS are all his idea. He push me to do some "photo shoot" as he call it.  I can't say no cause he is the one who initiate the first move. Photos are shot in the vicinity of  Mall of Asia on All Souls Day, November 2, after we visited my moms place in the cemetery,late night I could say.


Another memories made to cherish for both of us.:)              

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moms Break Time

HI to all! It's been quite a while, been busy for the past weeks, semestral break and all the holidays. Hubby is on vacation plus the kids had no classes so we had a great time as family. Plus I always look forward for time like this - I have the chance to be out with my friends again. An amazing feeling to EAT and to LAUGH tremendiously, feeling stress free for a while, an unwinding moment. So this post will first goes with them.

IT'S MY bestie's birthday and I'm glad that we able to meet again. It's really hard to schedule our meet-ups cause we live across the city and we have almost the same age of toddlers. LIFE really changes. Before, we can easily go to a place WHEN we want and WHERE we wanted. Now it's not the same because of our kids. But the feeling to have a baby  after seven years gap for me and fourteen years to her is really a blessing and life changing. It takes a lot of  sacrifice-but it's all worth it. So whenever we have a chance to meet, we make the most out of it!

I'm not used in posing but this time we had fun taking photos
After our spa session-both of us feeling renewed again-after all remember what  moms daily chores looks like:)
Tummy full!  this chinese resto has a huge serving!

ALSO after a day or so my friend is in town and had a chance to gather with her family thru dinner. It's quite a short meeting but the chance to be with her and the stories behind all that matters. Great feeling to be out with the persons you treasure in your life. It's a memories that will last and something to SMILE about when you look back. AFTER all, it's nice to think that we all have time together eventhough we have our gray hair. Just letting our children goes malling and we will wait at the coffee shop and do some oldies talk hahahaha! Well that's friends are for. Great to have them in my life.                     



Let me know you gurls! so what do you up too when you gather with your friends? For all moms what's your moment with your friends and bestie's looks like?                                                                                       
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