Monday, October 31, 2011

Girls Best Friend: Shopping!- LV My First Love

I THOUGHT it's only a joke but it's not. I'm used that hubby teased me about it , maybe because he knows that among the bags that I wanted my first love is LV. When he confirms  that he will able to buy one for me- for a time I was speechless ..not yet sinking into my mind..but as far as I remember afterwards, I find myself shaking infront of the microwave hahaha!

TWO DAYS  ago we went to Greenbelt 4, the shopping capital of the Philippines located at Makati where you can see all the designer stores your dreaming off. At first I'm thinking if I'll let my relative from Uk buy it for me, in order to save some or more peso I must say. However I want to experience how to purchase it  myself AND THIS IS THE FIRST TIME so I want to remember every  single detail, and the feeling is awesome! I'm very specific for the kind of bag that I like. But I also have the chance to try others that I wanted. I choose speedy 30 because I don't have doctors bag yet and I find it more practical to use from casual to formal wear. But of course we all differ in preference -that's only what I think.:)  As some of you know, I love batignolles too! When I try "her" ohh if you could only see the smile in my face..she's gorgeous! and hubby told me that I can choose between the two. But there's a time for her, this time I 'll go with my first choice. Afterwards while waiting, I ask for a cold iced tea and seat at the couch. This time I able to see the whole store newly re-launch  just a week ago with whooping three floors! Amazing! Lastly when the SA gave the paper bag my heart is pounding and then she told; thanks ma'm visit us next for your batignolles purchase..I just smiled ..I'm in cloud 9!

PARDON ME for the long post I just wanted to document every single details ,at the same time- my emotions. As for all your gorgeous purchases that I'm happy to see over and over ,and gave me  so much inspiration and better mood throughout the day, you can tell my happiness right now that I able to  purchase and experienced the same. Thanks for reading and God bless!

Look at the sparkle in my eyes, isn't it obvious I'M SO HAPPY after and after and after..
I also consider azur, but of my choice I find damier more appealing
To add character I have it heat stamp of my'nt it cool?
oh there's she is..for now I just love staring at her ( as usual )


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hunting for Ipad2 Sleeve

Hello everybody! So I will finally join the bandwagon of having an ipad2  and before hand I am looking for a perfect case for a more convenient use and safekeeping. I have a few photos to share that I already saw from different sites that I LOVE - for a reason I'm loving animal print for a more DURABLE and STYLISH feel aside from being TIMELESS. If there's addition you can share aside from those I HUNT - thank you so much.:)

Oh bright!
For a  planner / book like feel that  can be close after use.
Also from Michael Kors Black Phyton
I am drooling over the selection of  animal prints from NET-A-PORTER namely  Alaia AND   Jimmy Choo. THE last photo from  Stella McCartney  is an  exception to the prints. IF I HAVE  much bills I will select one of these too!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Little Me

Hi! My youngest daughter will turn 2 two months from now..well she's knows so many things at her age. She picks her shoes or dress whenever we go out,she know what she wants and you can't stop her on that.:) :(  I can say that the hardest part is she's too brat in her own little way and I have a hard time dealing with it. BY THEN when I saw kids having tantrums in public I murmered : thanks that I don't deal with such kind cause I know it's hard, but today OH MY! I'm in the same field! Sometimes I talked to Hubby and telling him that he spoils his daughter too much. But gurls don't get me wrong I enjoy every single moment that I have her, the happiness is endless.:) Aside from the fact that I saw in  her the interest in fashion as well.

Anyway do you have experience to share with your kids or nieces with same behavior? How do you deal with it?

Uploaded from Instagram You can follow me at audrina_julia :)

Here her eyes can't get enough of stuffed toys:)
Too naughty to take a picture

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beautiful in my Eyes

Hello! What are your favorite activity to unwind? Each and everyone of us differ on what our interest is, right? Sometimes a good music plus a cup of coffee makes my day, reading magazine and seeing new from the rack makes my heart palpitate to purchase,  always excited to see something new. On the contrary I also like beautiful bags and shoes along with woman who has good sense of style,who doesn't right? it makes inspiration and a boost. I hope soon I can post some pics to what I'm really lusting over-and had been purchase. ( Oh how I wish! ) but well it will take some time ( there's top priority to consider first- soon I'll reveal it to all :) )..for now this is what I can share. Two images from my closet and others from my friends. Thanks so much for sharing!:)

From Michael Kors and Coach
my LongChamp rainbow colors
From a friend-Vintage Lv and Gucci purses
Coach collection from a school mate
Array of brand from a good  friend

Aside from going to the mall, one of my favorite place to unwind is going to the supermarket. I like to see array of products in various colors.. aside from bag hunting of course.:)

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