Friday, September 30, 2011

Girls Best Friend: Shopping!

Hi! How are you all? Last week got the chance to go out and buy stuff for kids project and replenish some school supplies too. Got also the chance to get my longing MK Signature in logo Tote. My first ever black bag to date as I'm more into bright colors. As I've noticed my purse now becoming bigger and bigger as I've purchase. Come to think of it I just started with 9" length and now I have 15". Now I agree with what my friend told me that coming out in a big bag will change the way you want smaller one. Now I can say I always want to have my vanity table in my bag with me all the time aside from my wallet and cellphone. ( heavy huh! :) )Do you  have similar experience too or just stick to one size purse? So now for my friend who really know me and for a few of you, to date my new baby always in the corner where I can always spot her. I don't know maybe I'm happy and inspired in my daily routine having this weird kind of gestures. These only happens before using the bag, maybe a week after a purchase is the maximum. Then after, will be in my closet after first use.:)

Have a GREAT weekend ahead! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hello There! I have a relative from London who came over for a visit, so when he went back I got the chance to send something for a friend. I know she has so many designer bags as her collection but of course I'm not yet  financially stable to gave her one hahahaha! So this time around something as simple as nail polish with three different colors - I know will put her toes and nails in posh look. Glad that she like it.

Royal Blue, Fuchsia Pink and Metallic Shimmer for fall/winter

On the other hand, just two days ago I received a late:) birthday gift from my batch mate and a friend from Ireland.  Though she gave me a notice regarding this one, I really don't expect that she will pursue on sending something for me.Really touch with the way she effort. Sweet!


The gestures of giving is really something that put a smile in my face. Maybe because it's also a tradition that I inherited from my parents most especially my mom. I'm thankful for this traits that they impart in my life, a character that I also pass now to my kids. The act of giving and not expect something in return.:)


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mommy Talk : With Daughter 1 :)

Hello there! Just a quick post for some update. Been kind of busy lately but have so many things to share with you and don't know how can I get started. These photos I shared one last week from twitter. You can add me there for some update guys if you like.:) Having 4 kids, with one- turning two years old sometimes makes me insane hahaha. So I try to catch them one by one by giving an hour or two "us time" so that I can able to know what are the things happening in their lives. For all mommies there who have 2 or more kids, I know you can relate to this kind of set-up. Please you can also share some moments of your kids on where do you always hang up and have some bonding time together. I'm happy to know. :)


Drop by at Starbucks after fetching my daughter. I think a good time to unwind and be comfortable in our conversation. I'm always trying to be on the place where I think is also at their best interest.:)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thank it's Friday!

Come to think of it my schedule is 24/7 like 7/11 store hahaha! Although I'm happy doing all the workload that I have now  I'm always looking forward for friday !It's the end of school days and I don't need to wake up early for the next two days!So for now  will visit Starbucks who just opens not long than a week ago. So glad their brewing now in our town and  will be a part of my Friday "me time" or with my kids to unwind for a little after the stressful/ long  week. Just have  time reading  book or magazine while sipping coffee will be a bit heaven for me.:)


Hey friends, what are you up too this weekend? Happy weekend to all!           

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Right Now : Christmas Wish List

Hi! Thanks so much for all your birthday greetings. I'm very touch and find it sweet.:) Anyway happy 1st day of September to everybody! Ber months started and very excited on Christmas countdowns. The preparations, decorations and gifts! So as early as today I will post my wish list that I hope I could have before the year ends.

To cater  my wild side; Coach madison ocelot wristlet animal print
Burberry Bowling Bag
Will be elated to have this one... wooolalah! Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal
Attracted in  shiny, shimmering sparkles..Michael Kors Glitz Chronograph ladies watch
Balenciaga Rose Gold Double Tour bracelet in Papyrus
     On the other side, I'm still a housewife and a mother who loves to prepare and cook foods for my family so I also added some list for my kitchen and here it goes...

I will be happy to use this on Christmas or New Year's Eve
Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Dutch Oven-Great from oven to table use
         So as early as now do you also have your Christmas wishlist? I'm curious and happy to know!! Can you share?   
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