Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Stories

Hi Everybody! How's your weekend?  We have a great malling around moment and a little family shopping. Do you have any favorite local brands that give you a luxe feeling everytime you shop? Yes, I do! I love the detailing that gives wonders to the store everytime I shop. Aside from good quality pieces of clothes, their store looks glamorous as well but a little pricey though..for a nice top ranging from $20-$30. Still I can't help myself to get hooked by H&M clothes.But  still, I do want to help  for the Philippine economy to get through and I hope there will be more stores from other retail brands that can cater an affordable clothes and chic outlet aside from having good quality of clothes. :)

Lighting at fitting room. Looking forward to have similar chandelier at my closet soon!:)
I find the hook of doubke "K"  (stands for kamiseta) so cute
Look at those blue chandelier
Love their wall to wall mirrors
    We had a yummy late lunch and my daughter's giggling and goffin' around. Hubby and I just look at them both with a smile.

Delicious japanese fried rice
Yummy creamy mango panacotta


  1. looks and sounds like a really nice day. there are a couple of local boutiques that i support here. your girls are precious!!


  2. PinklemonincrystalAugust 4, 2011 at 1:59 AM

    Love the shop and you make me so hungry now! Amazing :)

  3. great post! love everything.. did you have fun? right? :-)


  4. Love all the photos - it looks like you had such a fun weekend! And your food photos are delish! 


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