Monday, August 22, 2011

My Birthday!

YESTERDAY  was my birthday and I'm now officially 38 years old! The day started with hugs and kisses. My other half made a three days off from work and my youngest son gave me  a custom made card that looks like a letter/ slogan..that I find very sweet.

WE went for a day out and dinner afterwards and I will tell you the details on my post soon!For the mean time here's the outfit that I put together for my special day.


THE cake and card  that got  me teary eyed. I just noticed that my family post a shout out regarding my age!! hahaha


HERE'S what I've got as a present and I'm very much delightful! The first photo ,I've got as an early bithday gift from hubby one month before my birthday! I'm so much elated that I am speechless for a moment -then scream afterwards! hahahaha!


I want to thank God for another year of life with my love ones right by my side. I know life has many imperfections - but as long as happiness weighs more than the nasty one..It's all that matters.Positive thoughts should rule for a happy life!!                                             

Friday, August 19, 2011

Great Food + Good Friends

Hello there! I started the month with a date from a good  friend then one week later I was asked by my high school friends to have some time with them. It's really nice to think to good old days then shifting your conversation to the reality. Every time this happens I'm very much grateful to have my closest friend  with me after all these years. Am so thankful to have them in my life.Really distance won't matter.                                                   

Have a great weekend Everyone!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Little One

Can't believe that my little gurl is turning 20 months old now. So fast that she learned so many things. Dance and sings like no one's watching and smiles and get excited whenever you got something for her. Just enjoying the stage while she giggles like no tomorrow and looking at her sleeping while eating hahaha. I know things will change eventually when she grows up but for the meantime I want to enjoy every moment of my life with her. I feel  blessed to have Iya, she brings so much joy to our our lives.



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Stories

Hi Everybody! How's your weekend?  We have a great malling around moment and a little family shopping. Do you have any favorite local brands that give you a luxe feeling everytime you shop? Yes, I do! I love the detailing that gives wonders to the store everytime I shop. Aside from good quality pieces of clothes, their store looks glamorous as well but a little pricey though..for a nice top ranging from $20-$30. Still I can't help myself to get hooked by H&M clothes.But  still, I do want to help  for the Philippine economy to get through and I hope there will be more stores from other retail brands that can cater an affordable clothes and chic outlet aside from having good quality of clothes. :)

Lighting at fitting room. Looking forward to have similar chandelier at my closet soon!:)
I find the hook of doubke "K"  (stands for kamiseta) so cute
Look at those blue chandelier
Love their wall to wall mirrors
    We had a yummy late lunch and my daughter's giggling and goffin' around. Hubby and I just look at them both with a smile.

Delicious japanese fried rice
Yummy creamy mango panacotta
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